Club 9 Bar, Goa (Rs. 500 per person)


VIBE: Club 9 Bar was once the epicentre of the trance scene. It is chilled out and usually well accommodated but gets crowded when famous DJs perform. The crowd is relaxed and enjoys dancing.
MUSIC: The music here is always trance and psychedelic, which is great for those who enjoy it, but not appealling to those who don’t.
BITES ‘N’ BOOZE: The pizzas are magnificent. The food and alcohol is quite affordable with huge shots decently priced. You can groove on the dance floor while eating and drinking.
BUCKS TO SHELL: It is easy to enjoy a night here with as little as Rs. 500 but indulgences take the bill higher.
FAB OR DRAB: The music, food and vibe are brilliant which makes it ‘fab’. But if trance isn’t your preference then staying clear of this place is advised.
BEST NIGHT: Any night is great but the atmosphere is amped whenever there is a famous DJ gig. Ozran Beach, Little Vagator, Anjuna, North Goa.
-Nick Rodrigues



Volume 2 Issue 7


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