Restaurant Review – Papacream: Taking ‘festive’ to a whole new level

Anjeer Ice-Cream

When Papacream first opened its doors to Mumbaikars back in 2015, it went on to become an instant hit with the masses. Soon, Papacream managed to revolutionize the way we eat ice-creams and desserts, with their quirky ideas and out-of-the-box premium delicacies. Their loyal fan base is eminent from the lakhs of social media shout outs they’ve got in the span of two years alone.

Papacream Founder Tanvi Chowdhri

Papacream never fails to disappoint – their cozy interiors, chemistry lab-like set up and the theatrics of the Liquid Nitrogen are a sight to behold. This year, Papacream has come up with a whole new menu bearing special festive treats, keeping in mind the ‘celebratory’ months that have dawned on us. From sipping on new beverages to starting your meal with something savoury and ending it on a sweet note, Papacream is all set to give you a comprehensive gourmet experience, like no other.

We tried the savoury waffles – Peri Peri cheesy Mayo waffles, and the Margherita Pizza waffle. The waffle base for both was light and fluffly, but our favourite had to be the Peri Peri cheesy Waffle – loads of cheesy goodness topped with potato sticks, spring onions, peri peri mayonnaise and peri peri sprinkles, and the combination ticked all the right flavor boxes. You can also avail of a Jain version for the same.

We had a Mango Lassi Float and a Green Apple Iced Tea to wash it down with. If you don’t like your drink too sweet, our suggestion is to opt for the Green Apple Iced Tea. The Mango Lassi Float can be enjoyed alone.

The waffles are hearty and fill you up easily, but hey, there’s always room for an ice cream (or six!). Papacream definitely left us spoilt for choice, each better than the other. We tried the Kala Katta with a Hajmola topping, and if you’re someone who treasured the summer beach trips for the Kala Khatta, this ice-cream is definitely an ode to that memory.

If you’re the type who savours liqueur sweets, the Tipsy Whisky is a must try. Even if you don’t like a little pizzazz in your ice-cream, don’t be repelled by this one. The ice-cream is as smooth as silk, and even comes with a couple of chocolate crisps to cut through the bitterness of the whiskey.

We also tried the Anjeer, and Bounty ice cream – this deconstructed version of the classic chocolate bar definitely won us over. We then tried the Moti Choor ice-cream and Kaju Katli ice-cream – Papacream’s take on the classic Indian celebratory sweets – and we must say, the Moti Choor ice cream stole the show! The ice cream was rich, decadent and if we were to give this ice-cream a proper rating, we’d say Moti Choor laddoos x 10! We’d even take a huge tub of this ice-cream over the box of laddoos any day! We capped our meal off with a steaming mug of some good ol’ Hot Chocolate, the perfect end to an ice-cream filled evening.

Our tip: If you’re making an ice-cream run to Papacream, have a cup of their Hot Chocolate when you finish. The bitterness of the Hot Chocolate will perfectly combat the heavy feeling ice-creams tend to fill your tummy with.


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