Rachana Sansad To Offer New Courses!


Rachana Sansad is now gearing up to offer new courses to students.
The institute is adding three new courses to the already existing bouquet of 18 courses under the graduate and postgraduate faculty. The new courses to be added are valuation, estate management and landscape architecture. These courses will commence from the academic year 2012 onwards. The course on landscape architecture will be affiliated to the University of Mumbai. To be eligible for any of the new courses, applicants are required to have a BArch degree. The duration of all the courses is two years, with a total of 40 seats for each specialisation. Since the courses are targetted at working architects looking to get a specialisation, the classes are part time for 20 hours a week. For more details, log on to www.rachanasansad.edu.in

Volume 1 Issue 9


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