Quirky Food Combinations You Must Try

weird food combinations
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Finger licking food has not once failed to satisfy the hungry stomach.

There are some specific kinds of people who just love to eat food. Food is all that is there on their mind throughout the day. These are people who can try out any delicacies, no matter how weird and quirky they might be. They are true foodies! I am sure you will have at least one such person in your circle or you yourself will be ‘the one’.

Here is a thing about foodies. They are always up for trying out new dishes and combinations.

While many might twist their noses on just hearing about unusual food combinations, many others might want to try it out.   

Dive into some of the most quirky food combinations which are sure to make you go “whatttt really???”

Pizza with Pineapple toppings

weird food combinations
Image Credits: The Bolton News

Pineapple on pizza is one of the quirkiest combinations I have ever heard of. Yes there are people who love it. Not kidding! Till date people argue about this food combination. There is a love hate relation to this combination. Most pizza lovers still go with the classic tomato sauce and cheese combination but many recently have started becoming fond of experimenting quirky pizza toppings like this one.

French Fries with Ice-cream

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Everybody has tried french fries with ketchup but now people are loving this food combo i.e, french fries with ice cream. Some people like this combination because they like to have savoury with sweet and it’s a good combination of hot and cold. It’s a quirky food combination but some people think it tastes better with ice-cream than ketchup. Seems like a great combo.

Oreo with Orange juice

Image Credits: Buzzfeed

The classic combination is Oreo with milk but some people are loving this new food combo. Milk isn’t a drink many are fond of. Some also don’t like it with Oreo because the milk makes the cookies too soggy. Orange juice keeps it soft without breaking the cookie and gives a new flavor. This one is weird to another level.  

Vanilla Ice-cream with Soy sauce

Image Credits: Kikkoman

You might have tried vanilla ice-cream with chocolate sauce but this a different ice cream topping. It might sound gross but this combination has won the hearts of many foodies. The sweetness of the ice-cream complimented with saltiness of the soy sauce makes one heck of a taste. Try it out!

Popcorn with ketchup

Some ketchup lovers genuinely believe that it can taste great with everything, but having popcorn with ketchup? I really am not sure about this one. It is the quirkiest food combination I have ever heard of.   

weird food combinations
Image Credits: Crafty Little Gnome

Don’t judge just try out these quirky food combinations and let us know how it tastes.  


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