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Rohit Gupta tells us how to use simple methods to maintain a productive work environment

Companies always find themselves trapped in one of the ever enigmatic questions – how to make better the employees-employers relationship for increasing the productivity? The problem isn’t about the fine difference between personal or professional life, but the way of thinking and considering official work as a monotonous or enjoyable one. A lot depends on the office environment in which a team is formed. Everyone should consider their work as their own, the extension of themselves, and not as the regular office work. Then, it finally comes to the tools or ways which the company’s employers can opt for, in order to make sure that their employees are enjoying their work, contributing as per their abilities and in sync with the requirement of the company, and overall increasing their productivity. Try out the following listed contemporary methods will surely help in building the strong relationship between the employees and employers

Know your employees

Respect your employers: Richard Branson has rightly said, “Take care of your employees, and your employees will take care of your customers.” It fits well with all companies, whether it’s a small one or a multinational giant. Knowing the employees will help in getting the deeper insights of their abilities and it has always helped in getting the best output. Regular meetings-cum-informal-conversation, helping the employees to open themselves must be arranged frequently.

The employees should always feel like they are at home, must enjoy their own work, and be ready to take the initiative along with respecting their superiors and managers.


Empowering Minds: Yes, it may seem odd, but it has proved its significance earlier and can be used as an effective tool to engage the employees. This way, one can increase their knowledge base and using that knowledge they can participate in various quizzing competitions organized specifically for the corporates and bring accolades to the company. It will also help in bringing the respective company in limelight and making their foothold strong amongst their competitors.

Team outings

The personal touch: In every company, effective working of a team is a pre-requisite, for the success of a project. For that, each member of a team must know each other, about everyone’s capabilities and what they are good at. This can be achieved by organizing a social gathering or planning a team-outing to some exquisite places, in order to enable them in having a life-changing and mood-refreshing experience, and at the same time, they will get to know each other on a more personal level. This way they will form a bonding and consider themselves as family.

Sports and cultural activities

Broadening their thoughts: Nothing or no activity can be more productive than a sport, in forming a capable, effective and energetic group of people who can always be ready to face challenges and take the initiative whenever it is required. Sports do the same – helping everyone inculcating important skills such as – sportsmanship, leadership qualities, team management, team-work, strategy alignment, priority management etc. And, the cultural activities involving dance, music and creative arts help everyone in knowing the culture and tradition of each other and about the places they come from. All these tools not only engage the employees and employers in a friendly environment, but also implant an inner sense of responsibility and belongingness inside everyone, and helps in the all-round development of their mind and body alike, making them agile, enthusiastic, happy and optimistic.

Effective Training

Equipping with weapons of technical knowledge: Although all the tools mentioned here aren’t in a particular order of importance, yet the above ones must be followed first because until and unless the employees feel themselves connected to their companies, they can’t benefit from the training given to them. Effective training in a well-constructed manner and on a regular basis is a must to cater to the needs of the company and to ensure that all the employees are equipped with the necessary weapons to destroy any blockage in their path of completing the project before the deadline. It is necessary on behalf of the employees to pay attention to whatever is being taught and on behalf of employers, to make sure the whole training isn’t boring or mundane and must encompass all the necessary things needed by the employees. Also, providing feedback about their work regularly, giving importance to everyone’s suggestions before making the final call, acknowledging their contributions, valuing their opinions and provision of incentives must also be kept in mind to form a long lasting relationship in order to increase the productivity by many folds.



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