Prerna scholarship for poor students


NGO to give out scholarships for further studies

Prerna NGO believes that all students should have a right to education irrespective of their financial background. Many students living in poor financial conditions are unable to pursue higher education in spite of a desire to attain the qualifications. The high admission and tuition fees become an obstacle which is difficult to get over without the financial support. Prerna NGO will provide the financial support to these students who cannot afford the fees of higher educational programmes.

The NGO supported by Infosys Foundation will conduct a written test to provide scholarships to students from poor financial backgrounds. The prerequisite for eligibility to the scholarship is a minimum of 80% to have been scored in class 10 in this year’s examination. Those students who match the requirement and clear the written test will be eligible for financial support for further studies to be provided by the NGO.


The form can be collected from the following address:

580, Shubhakar,

44th cross, 1st A main road,

Jayanagar, 7th block,



For more details, please contact the following:

Ms Saraswati                                      9900906338

Mr Shivakumar                                 9986630301

Ms Bindu                                              9964534667


The NGO requests this information to be passed on so those in dire need of assistance can avail of the scholarship.