Plastic is Bad – Especially if it's a smile


Identification: look out for a skinny frame, extra short attire, artificially straightened hair, fake giggles, blackberry curves with gaudy covers, a  hint of attitude in the heavily made up eyes and a raised eyebrow. Some exploit kajal that oozes out the ethnic, chic vibe to get the ‘EMO chick’  look. But these are only the superficial aspects.

The ‘plastics’ build a whole world around themselves; they need to be at the centre of attention and ensure that the only topic of discussion is them. They leave no stone unturned to undermine anyone who crosses their way for no reason other than their own pleasure. Seeking male attention is another top feature of the plastic bandwagon. A certain “twang” – faking an American or British accent – is something that these girls tend to adopt, even when they do not know the difference between the two! They are the very reason why intelligent (read deserving) girls are single for life as they garner undivided attention from the guys!

Psychologically, an attention-seeking disorder is the main reason why you see these girls tip-toeing around college campuses in those heels with a bag on the shoulder that even does not accommodate a single book. There is no measuring to what extent these girls will try to bring down others when they are at their feline best. Why do they do that? Why does BBM become the ultimate measure of hotness? The whole shallow youth culture does that to them. Following western trends as they see them on television, global exposure and fashion channels are why girls are channelling their energy in the wrong direction. The fact is that an increasing number of girls are falling in the ‘mean cap’ day after day.

These girls are the women of the future; society’s symbol of dignity, purity and responsibility. When you see women like these who are going against the set ideals, then it is baffling for many. People would appreciate if these fake girls would take some inspiration from Regina George in the teen chick flick, Mean Girls, and overcome the ‘selfobsession’ disorder.
On an ending note, beauty with brains or just brains should be better appreciated as that is what counts in the long run. Training your powerful gray matter is what lays your foundation for a steady future. Some things in life look the best when simple and that is something that needs to be understood by the sorority queens. Then the world will be a better place to live in. For them and for us!

Volume 1 Issue 8


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