Plants Are Your Best Buds At Home And At Work: Here’s Why

Image Credits: Curbed

Just when you thought that the small fresh green plants placed in the balcony or by the window, are only to improve the aesthetic value of your home, we are here to tell the other real reasons as well, behind it. 

Placing plants not just at your homes, but also at your workplace benefits every individual. Let’s find out the additional benefits of keeping plants in our spaces.

Fresh Air 

Plants are natural air purifiers. They take in the impurities in the air and give out fresh oxygen. This maintains good hygiene at home/office. Pollution is increasing day by day due to many factors. This contaminates the air, compelling people to breath unclean and polluted air. Growing a plant at home and office ensure that you breathe clean and pure air. 

Relaxes The Mind 

Many wise are of the strong belief that in order to relax you mind, you must spend a good amount of time amidst the presence of nature. This is why people go on vacation to far off nature-surrounded places which are far away from the cities, free from the concrete jungles. Surrounding yourself with nature will greatly help you in calming and relaxing your mind. It will help relieve all your stress, and put your mind at peace.  

They are Natural Humidifiers 

Plants give up water and moisture. They make a room humid which especially helps during the dry season of winters. This quality of the plants helps in keeping respiratory problems at bay too. They also help in preventing colds and sore throats. 

Image Credits: Home Beautiful

Natural Air Fresheners 

There are many plants and flowers that have a natural fragrance. When these plants generate their natural scent, they tend to put you in a good mood. The fragrance also puts you to sleep and ensures a good sound sleep. Plants like Jasminum polyanthum (Jasmine), Gardenia, Citrus plants, etc. So, instead of using artificial air fresheners that contain chemicals, you can always grow plants and breathe natural scents.

Act as Natural Medicines 

Plants like Aloe Vera, Neem and Mint, Curry leaves, Coriander, etc. are plants that you can grow at home. These plants are not just easy to grow but are also medicinal in nature. Just like Aloe Vera is extremely good for your skin, so is Neem. Growing such medicinal plants will save you from the unwanted effort of going down to the chemist store to pick medicines for small health concerns like skin irritations and indigestion.

Improves Productivity 

As plants have a calming and soothing effect on our minds, they restore energy in our brains. This helps in focusing on and increasing the mind’s attention span. When this happens, productivity receives a boost thereby positively affecting our performance in the activities we undertake.

Plants are probably the best buds to have at home and at your workplace. You just have to plant and grow them with the right amount of watering and sunlight. So when are you bringing one of those cuties at home?


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