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All work and no play makes for a dull life. The next time you plan a vacation, choose a destination that offers ample scope for partying. Shreya Shah lists 11 of the best world party destinations to liven up your nights as much as your days haze

Thanks to numerous movies and famed quotes like ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,’ this city has achieved cult status when it comes to parties and nightlife. And with good reason. People visit Vegas to party like they’ve never partied before – and Vegas delivers. Sin City is open all night long with circus shows, casinos, spectacular acrobatic performances and yes, some of the most legendary parties.
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Hakkasan at MGM Grand: A five-storey nightlife and culinary experience. Haze Nightclub at Aria Hotel: Known for celebrity spotting and interactive projection screens.

Given the beer angle, it’s natural that Berlin is also home to one of the best music scenes in the world. It’s normal to find people partying at all hours – and you know why? It’s because nightclubs here aren’t legally required to close on weekends – so they don’t. Parties begin here on Saturday nights and last well into Monday mornings.
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Berghain: One of the most famous nightclubs in the world, it has a fervent fan following and is known for its parties that begin post 4 am.
HAU: if you want a taste of experimental fare in the performing arts, this is the place to be. liv

Chances are, the first thing you think of when you say ‘party’ is Miami. Pristine white beaches, an enviable DJ roster, sparkling blue waters, free flowing champagne and general craziness all packed into one hot destination, Miami. Most of the best clubs are located in the South Beach or SoBo area.
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LIV: Known for its lavish layouts and outrageous entertainment. Mynt Lounge: Popular for its futuristic theme and is a favourite amongst celebrities.

Bangkok can probably be summed up in one word – electrifying. From rooftop parties to chilled-out lounges, world famous clubs to an equally known underground scene, and of course all the shopping, you’d need a holiday to recover from this holiday. Phuket and Koh Samui are also known for their beach parties, as well as the extremely famous Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan.
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Sky Bar: The perfect place for that cocktail sundowner.
L’Appart: Designed like a Parisian apartment.

Ibiza and Barcelona are synonymous with a wild time. If there has ever been a city where you’re encouraged to just go with the flow, it’s this beach paradise. VIP bookings, exclusive clubs and fabulous people make for the holiday experience here.
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Pacha: Home to secret corridors and
a maze of stairs.
Privilege: Started as a community
swimming pool, today it’s officially
the world’s largest club.  crazy daisy

True hedonists, step up. Beautiful people, carefree attitudes and a heady concoction of the old blending with the new, Moscow has a wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs for you to choose from. It is a city that’s slightly on the expensive side and you’d need to know a few people if you really want to dig deep into the party scene.
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Crazy Daisy: Ideal for something less mainstream and quieter.
Propoganda: Known for its welcoming ambience, great food, service and music.

Sun-drenched madness soars to greater heights in Rio – it takes the craziest parts of every other party city in the world and raises the standard. You can indulge in every extravagance here. Plan your trip around the famous carnival or the New Year celebrations; they will give you a glimpse into why Rio is dubbed the party capital of the world.
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Copacabana beach: Known for its raucous revelry from midnight till dawn.
Lapa: The downtown party district.

There are parties and then there are experiences. In NYC, the party truly never ends. Even when the bars shut, you’re guaranteed to find an afterparty maybe in a warehouse, maybe in a secret-password protected club – it could be anywhere. You just have to trust your instincts when in New York
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Avenue: So popular it attracts celebrities almost every day.
Marquee: Offers the characteristic NYC clubbing experience accompanied with long lines, strict bouncers and pricey drinks for you to savour., anjelique

Nightlife in Istanbul gets dramatic. It’s got music pumping all day if you want it, people packed into clubs at all hours and fantastic views of the Bosporus from almost every angle. Modern and classic styles blend elegantly to give a visitor an experience that’s unforgettable.
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Anjelique: Known for its views of the city and its wide variety of food.
Sortie: If you are looking for a laidback kind of vibe.

The picturesque beaches provide the perfect backdrop for raging parties. Some clubs are actually open 24 hours a day, where the party starts on the sands and simply shifts venues towards the evening. Mykonos is an island paradise that’s frequently been rated amongst the best in the world.
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Cavo Paradiso: One of the most renowned clubs in Europe.
Astra: Don’t forget your dancing shoes; this place rocks till dawn.

Turns out that the ‘proper’ city knows a thing or two about partying. Packed with young, dynamic people, one finds that there is always a party just beginning in London, at any time. Many of London’s clubs started out as illegal party venues. The varied music scene ensures that the avid clubber has as much variety as the one just looking for a late drink and a little dance.
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Chinawhite: Perfect for those who enjoy all nighters.
Ministry Of Sound: Popular world over, practically a clubbing institution.


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