No Great Plans To Bid Adieu to 2020? Here’s How You Can End The Year

2020, new year eve
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The end of the year is just around the corner. This said many in your social circle must have already begun their new year’s celebration. While most must have headed to Goa, some must have organized huge family parties to bid farewell to 2020 together, and here you are, alone and with no plans whatsoever. But don’t let this douse your spirit of welcoming a beautiful 2021. So what if you have no plans this new year’s eve, you can still make one for and by yourself. 

Go for a trek alone or with friends

Treks are refreshing and the best way to escape into one. It requires the least amount of planning. You can pick any place that is on the outskirts of the city which is devoid of crowds. You can set up your own tent, carry your own food and enjoy it with the company of the stars and moon. You can also carry a small speaker to listen to your favorite music or a journal to note down your thoughts amidst the bliss of nature. If you don’t like being alone, call up a friend who too has no plans of their own and set out with them. 

Binge-watch with your favorite ice-cream to go with it  

Home is always the most comfortable place to be in. So if you have no plans of attending any new year’s event, grab your tub of ice-cream, wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, dim the lights, and begin your movie marathon. Watch the movies that have been your favorite forever, or watch new movies that interest you. Netflix, Amazon, and other OTT platforms have been really good friends this year as it is.  

Record a 2020 recap and 2021 resolution video

2020 has been a year of lessons. It has taught us to stay optimistic in the face of adversities, to keep at our efforts, it has tested our levels of endurance, taught us the importance of communicating with the people we care for and so much more. Taking note of this, you can record a video of yourself doing a mini recap of what 2020 has been for you and how have you helped yourself get through it. You can also speak about your new year’s resolutions in it too. Why this? So that whenever you feel low in 2021, through this video of yours, you can always have you affirming yourself that things will fall into place. 

Connect with friends who too don’t have great plans for new year’s eve

This is a great chance for you to rekindle your faded friendships. Contact friends with who you have lost contact and ask them if they would like to end the year with you. Have them over at your place and plan some fun activities to do together. You can even connect virtually if there is too much physical distance. You can revisit old times by recalling memories or watching old photographs and videos and rekindle your friendship all over again. 

Cook yourself a nice meal with your favorite music

If nothing works out, you will still have your own company. Make the most of it. With a hectic life that demands too much from us, take this time to give yourself some ‘me’ time. Give a shot at cooking your favorite cuisine. Play the music you love while cooking and indulge in the moment. There is no other self-love like a self-cooked meal for yourself. Swirl to the music, pour love into the meal you cook and see the magic. 

Welcoming a new year with immense excitement is key, be it with friends and family or alone, because it’s a sign of completing yet another year in your life, successfully. So don’t let anything get in the way of your celebration to welcome a new year. 


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