News Flash (6th July 2020): Top 10 Stories Of The Day

covid-19 vaccine
Image Credits: Discover Magazine

1. No Covid-19 vaccines for public use till 2021

Currently, as per a statement issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology, out of the total 140 candidates in line for making a vaccine, only 11 are in human trials. Later, an article on the official handle of Press Information Bureau, the Ministry of science again claimed that no coronavirus vaccine to be ready till 2021for mass use. Only a few hours later, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) gave August 15 as the deadline to launch COAXCIN.

2. China moves its troops about a kilometre back from the Galwan valley

Galwan Valley, Covid-19 vaccine, china
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After days of tension in the Galwan Valley, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has possibly moved their tropes back a kilometer or more back. As per reports of the June 30th meeting,the Indian side has demanded the Chinese troops to move away from several friction points and asked for the restoration of the status quo ante.

3. Relapse of Locust Attack, India should be on High alert: FAO

locust attack
Image Credits: Deccan Herald

Food and Agriculture ministry has warned and asked the government to call for a high alert as India is predicted to experience the most drastic locust attack in 26 years this month. The Government has stepped up its efforts by preparing itself with technologically viable instruments like drones and bell helicopters. States like Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, etc are going to be affected severely.

4. An amateur has found a new spot on Jupiter from South Africa   

spot on jupiter, covid-19 vaccine
Image Credits: Gizmodo

Clyde Foster has spotted a new blotch above the clouds in Jupiter. According to certain reports, Clyde had spotted this new spot by May 31st and as per certain Australians ,Clyde seemed to have been lucky when it comes timing as the spot wasn’t present up until a few hours before Clyde began looking at the planet. The new spot interestingly is going to be named after him.

5. Sanjeev Gupta files conflict of interest case against Kohli

Sanjeev Gupta, Virat Kohli
Image Credits: The Indian Express

Member of the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association, Sanjeev Gupta is known for filing cases related to conflict of interest on cricket stalwarts like Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly, VVS Laxman and now Virat Kohli. Virat is taking up two positions at the same time is a violation of the BCCI code of conduct. The complaint has been sent to the Ethics officer DK Jain.

6. Kuwait on the way of clearing expat law. 8 Lakh Indians to be affected

Image Credits: Pratidin Time

The aim of the bill is to reduce the expat community in the country of Kuwait by 40%.Out of the total 4.8 million population, only 15% of the population makes the native nationals.The bill further talks about how only 15% of Indians would be allowed to continue once the bill is enacted rendering about eight lakh working Indians unemployed.

7. Possibility of bubonic plague in China   

bubonic plague, covid-19 vaccine
Image Credits: The Week

On Sunday, a suspected case of bubonic plague was found in Bayannur, Inner Magnolia Autonomous region.A level 3 warning of plague and control has been issued by the Chinese state.A local health authority said that the precautions would have to be taken by the end of 2020.

8. Hero Cycles backout from business with China worth rupees 900 core

hero cycle
Image Credits: Republic World

Hero cycles have backed out from all dealings with China to stand in solidarity with the Prime Minister’s call for the Aatmamirbhar campaign. Chairman cum Manager Pankaj Munjal on Friday announced this news. Their new range of electro e-cycles has become famous around the globe especially amongst the Indian Audience.

9. Android malware ‘FakeSpy returns after 3 yrs, sends victims an SMS to attack  

FakeSpy Returns
Image Credits: MSN

First discovered in October 2017,this malware has returned back. It uses a SMS phishing attack to target its users. Messages that deem to be from valid postal services coerce the users into downloading apps. Once it gets permissions, it steals personal data and harms the user. Some reports point at a Chinese speaking company for this malware.

10. Actor Nick Cordero died at the age of 41 due to COVID-19  

Nick Cordero, covid-19 vaccine
Image Credits: Clayton News Daily

The Broadway actor died last Sunday due to complications while recovering from COVID 19. His right leg was amputated also in the process and his wife went on to tell that he could survive only if he got a double lung transplant, which at that moment was hard. The death of this brilliant actor has left many shocked over the internet.


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