Neerja banned in Pakistan


We hear Sonam Kapoor starrer Neerja has been banned in Pakistan by the Ministry of Commerce.

Neerja, a biographical movie based on the hijack of  the Pan Am Flight 73 at the Karachi airport in 1986 and the bravery of Neerja Bhanot who was shot while trying to save lives of the passengers, was published in a Pakistan newspaper and other media to be published on the 19th of February 2016.

Mobasher Hasan, who heads the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) said that they did not ban the movie, in fact, it wasn’t submitted to the censor board.

A commerce Ministry official said that due to the objectionable nature of the content which portrayed Pakistan in poor light, the certificate to import the film was revoked.

Although there hasn’t been an official word on this, we hear the anti-Pakistan elements in the story and Muslims shown in a negative light are the reasons for this ban.


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