National Social Summit 2020, IIT Roorkee – Rebuilding Nature Through Innovation

social summit 2020

Human society is in jeopardy from the accelerating decline of the Earth’s natural life-support systems, the world’s leading scientists have warned, as they announced the results of the most thorough planetary health check ever undertaken. Results shook most the one who certitudely is the major culprit, but now comes the turn to be the victim of his own actions. Nature becomes the environment of humans. Even narratives on the Earth’s revenge on humanity reinforce this insofar as in them nature’s action is mostly reactions to the effects of what humanity—the only true actor in this story—does. Societal model reifies both humanity and nature as entities that exist in an undeniably anthropocentric cosmos in which the second term is subordinated to the first. Anthropos makes himself and the world around him. He conquers, masters, and appropriates the non-human, turning it into the mere environment of his existence, there solely for his use.

Rising concerns from all over the globe need some solutions earmarked for mitigating the effects of anthropogenic activities to revamp the environment. Rather than unearthing new directions to rebuild nature, it’s always a better alternative to mould the ways which are blemishing the environment, to rebuild nature, holding hands with the needs of the present. Keeping the same in mind, Social Summit-2020 invites delegates from all over India having an ignition of ‘rebuilding nature through innovation’, and around the same theme accretion of this year’s summit takes place. 

Social Summit started in 2016 by the inspired youths who believed in crystallizing their vision for a better society, is a resolution to come together and propose technical solutions to the country’s socio-economic problems and discuss the possibility of working towards the betterment of the society by sensitizing people about the pertaining problems, in an integrated way. Summit aspires to inculcate a culture of social justice empowering the vulnerable and underrepresented sections of society via. upliftment of burdened sections of society to bridge the existing communal chasm, propagating the propaganda of ‘Curing Indifferences’. Social Summit has constantly grown, evolved and pushed the boundaries of what a social fest can be, by pioneering in past themes such as “Empowerment through education” and “Women and child welfare”. In order to fortress its revered vision of ‘Curing Indifferences’, team Social Summit believes that ‘social integration is indispensable to create an inclusive society’. Thus they devise ‘sustainable solution model’ to the social problems engaging with the community and stakeholders, creating a sense of responsibility and awareness in the society. 

Establishing theme, ‘rebuilding nature through innovation’, for this year, Social Summit- 2020 strides to ameliorate the envelope of society, the environment, hoping to evolve new actionable insights for contemporary challenges like climate change, pollution proliferating due to numerous kinds of waste, wildlife extinction, and many more. For more information regarding the summit, events and competitions designed in accordance with the theme of this year, visit


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