My Thoughts on NRIs


Our intern Pritika Behrawala shares her thoughts on what she call ‘Non-Reliable Indian’

NRIs are considered one of the most intelligent species globally except in India. Even Obama is intimidated by their brains!

They earn in dollars now and should stop converting each dollar into rupees. They must also stop bargaining every where they go. Every person here is not trying to loot them!

We all have at least a couple of relatives who’ve fled from their motherland and settled abroad. Maybe Karan Johar and Yash Chopra films are responsible for this kind of behaviour. Maybe they did not want to stay in a country where pollution and population have taken a stronghold like the Ambanis and the Bachchans. Whatever be the reason, they have ditched their native country and are fit to be called Non-Reliable Indians!

We can’t really blame NRIs, can we?
A plush villa, a posh BMW. a good salaried job is definitely more appealing than the deadly local trains, neverending traffic jams and changing weather patterns.

NRIs should know that We no longer go for puppet shows every weekend and that Mc Donalds, Ferrero Rochers, multiplexes have been here SINCE FOREVER (or at least it feels like that now).

Knowing about Indian culture and religion makes NRIs feel closer to India and no one can match their daily rituals and weekly trips to satsangs. But they should stop boasting about that in front of our grandparents. It leads to a lot of tension and almost results in World War 3!

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Volume 2 Issue 8


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