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The students of MICA take you on a tour of their campus and share the experience of being a MICAN

Just when you start to think that you might have missed a signboard somewhere and driven down the wrong way, out of nowhere appears a familiar sight of red bricks stacked carefully, one upon the other. Educational institutions in Ahmedabad have traditionally preferred the bare red masonry. But you cannot confuse this edifice with any of the others. The first step you take, entering through the comely, inviting gates of this esteemed institution, will tell you that B-school wise, you have ventured into the unknown. The campus is cradled in the Shela village on the outskirts of the city, seemingly untouched by its fast  paced lifestyle. But don’t be fooled by the serene surroundings that greet you; a fire burns inside.

The academic block and the KEIC (Knowledge Exchange and Information Centre)– the two pillars on which the MICAN academic programmes rest are the first things that come into the periphery of your vision as you begin your journey. As you familiarize yourself with the hustle and bustle of the campus, you might foray into different hostelblocks, each of which has its own unique story – a story that is recorded word for word on the walls by its past inhabitants. You’ll find enough evidence of the subculture that all these students belong to – one that allows them to be free, in mind, body and soul. There are no barriers, nothing to keep them from coming together, thinking and expressing.

Student hangouts are plenty within the campus, but the in-house favourite is the Chhota canteen, which takes care of all gastronomic cravings, even at the ungodliest of hours. It’s not just an eating joint but a respite of sorts for the students from their usual swamped schedules. This is a place where they can pick each other’s brains about the latest happenings on campus freely, while coming up with brilliant ideas at the same time.


Programmes Offered
Although the flagship programme offered at MICA is PGDM-C (Post Graduate Diploma in Management – Communications), it also offers some post graduate certificate programmes, including the acclaimed CCC (Crafting Creative Communications) programme as well as a few online programmes. In addition, there is a 3-year doctoral programme in management communications. The faculty, needless to say, is of the highest standard and understands the complex and dynamic world of marketing and can thus impart the necessary and best skills to the students.

Co-Curricular Activities
In addition to the curriculum, students organise and participate in various co-curricular activities all through the year. The annual sports meet, ‘SAMAR’, held in the month of March, is a glowing example of the latitude given to the physical fitness of students, their busy schedules notwithstanding. The literary committee organizes its annual fest, called ‘Maktub’, in February. It also publishes its own magazine called ‘Black Coffee’. MICA boasts of an independently held TEDx event every year. However, their crown jewel is their biggest marketing-management festival in the country called ‘MICANVAS’, which sees students from all the prominent B-schools in in India fighting for glory. The event is of such proportions that almost every student contributes to its success in some way or the other. Everyone is a champion here. Outstanding is mundane here.

Once a Mican, Always a Mican
Another fascinating aspect of what the MICA tradition and what it is known for is the wide, global network of alumni it has cultivated over the years in several industries; a network that is dedicated to contribute to the improvement of its alma mater. It has bourgeoned in a relatively short span of existence, but the phrase “Once a MICAN, always a MICAN” is one that every student who graduates from here keeps very close to heart. Even after living in a world mazed with deadlines, they still find time to help their fellow mates whenever they need it. In turn, MICA showers them all the love and respect they deserve whenever they come back to where they belong.

What Makes the Mican Experience Unique

  • The course: When it comes to marketing communications, there are few who do it better.
  • The auditorium: This is a one of a kind concept, which has been, and always will be, MICA’s pride.
  • The students: They come from diverse backgrounds and together form a magical formula that actually clicks.
  • The freedom: Students are treated as the adults they should be and there is almost no moral policing. Their spirits run free.
  • The faculty: No academic institution is complete without its teachers, and MICA has the perfect mix of them; astute readers of the market.


Volume 2 Issue 3


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