Microsoft Edge Beats Mozilla Firefox With Slight Margin To Get Second Place

Microsoft Edge
Image Credits: The Verge

We all use our favorite browsers to surf websites. The features and extensions provided in the browser make it distinct and win over others. Some users like to use Google Chrome, as it allows synchronization across all devices. Moreover, the extensions and themes provided in Google Chrome have won the hearts of millions. 

Others may like to surf websites on Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge. By far, Microsoft Edge is the least likely browser across all internet users. However, to your surprise, Microsoft Edge has earned the second spot among all other browsers in terms of usage, leaving Firefox behind. 

The news has dropped like a bomb for many internet users, as it is the least likely web browser used only to download other browsers after installing Windows. Thereafter, no one even tries to open it. 

According to the report, Microsoft Edge’s market share in March was 7.59% leaving behind Firefox with a market share of 7.19%. It is the first time Microsoft Edge has left behind Firefox in terms of market share. By far, Google Chrome tops the list leaving behind both Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox with a market share of 68.5% last month. 

According to the data shared by NetMarketShare the market share of several web browsers for the past year was revealed. The browsers include UC Browser, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and QQ. Last year in April, Microsoft Edge had a market share of 5.53% while Mozilla Firefox was leading at 10.23%. 

While in 2020, the two browsers came closest in terms of market share with Firefox 7.57% and Microsoft Edge 7.38%. Microsoft Edge has successfully beaten Mozilla Firefox in March with a market share of 7.59% and Firefox’s 7.19%. A big round of applause for Microsoft Edge to gain some edge over Firefox, although with a very little margin. This also reveals that Firefox has lost some of the users due to unknown reasons. 

The lead taken by Microsoft Edge and becoming the second most popular browser might be due to the default web browser provided in Windows. Chromium-based versions also give access to users to use an extension from the Google Chrome web store. 

Some of the other browsers in the list are Internet Explorer with a market share of 5.87%. While that of Safari and Opera, the market shares were 3.62% and 1.14% respectively. One of the surprising things revealed last month was that Chromium-based browser Microsoft Edge is the least private as compared to the other browsers. It was found that it sends details of past web pages accessed by users to back end servers. However, there were no reports of such privacy breach when it comes to Apple Safari, Yandex, Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser, and Google Chrome. 

Browser Market Share
Google Chrome68.50%
Microsoft Edge7.59%
Mozilla Firefox7.19%
Internet Explorer5.87%
Opera 1.14%

Unique Features of Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft Edge is part of our systems. You can’t uninstall it, even if you don’t like using it. However, some features might incline you towards Microsoft Edge. Just take a look at those features. 

  1. Optimal Speed

In the previous Windows versions, “Internet Explorer” came by default. Microsoft instead of improving and injecting new features in “Internet Explorer” started building Edge from scratch. It allowed them to deter outdated technology and code, making Microsoft Edge leaner and smarter. Internet Explorer that took an hour to load your website despite having superfast Spectrum internet, AT&T Fiber, or any other high-speed internet.  

  1. Personalized Feed 

Based on your browsing history, Microsoft Edge also suggests personalized feed tailored to your interest. For instance, if you are visiting Amazon or AliExpress frequently, the feed may display stores like Target, Macy’s, Alibaba, and Walmart. 

  1. Cortana Assistance 

Cortana Assistance is similar to Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant. However, the problem with Apple and Google is that they haven’t integrated assistant apps in their respective web browsers. Cortana Assistance is integrated into Microsoft Edge and shows up only when you need it. 

  1. Touchscreen Gestures 

The purpose of Windows 10 design is to offer a seamless experience across devices including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. For people who love to use Windows 10 in tablet mode on their systems, will find many reasons to go for Edge. It will provide a seamless experience while browsing the web. 

Final Verdict 

Microsoft Edge has surprised us by defeating Mozilla Firefox with a slight margin. However, that does not mean the end of Mozilla Firefox. There are internet users who can’t think of browsing the web without Firefox. The competition is surely going to be tougher in the coming years. 


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