Mamata Proves that Determination Can Create Wonders

Mamata Patel writes exam with feets
Image Credits: Daily Thanthi

There have been so many examples that justify the saying ‘where there’s a will, there’s a way’. Mamata Patel, a 19-year-old differently-abled student of Chatarra, Madhya Pradesh, is another striking example.

Mamata, in her childhood suffered disability, which left her hands futile. She couldn’t perform many basic functions with her hands like holding a pen and writing. This however, did not stop her from attempting to fulfill her goals. She found a way out and learnt to hold a pen and write with her feet. Sources state that it was her father who taught Mamata to write using her feet.   

As a child, Mamata was ridiculed, mocked and bullied by her school mates due to her bizarre way of writing. She however, feels great to have completed her primary education and reach college. Mamata is currently pursuing her bachelor’s degree from the esteemed Maharaja College of Chhatarpur.

Since her childhood, Mamata took keen interest in studying and has been wanting to acquire high qualifications. Her strong will to pursue education is seen in the fact that she traveled 18kms from her uncle’s home to the college to give her BA first-year exams.

Image Credits: Times Now

According to the sources, born to a farmer, Mamata states that she aims to gain proper education, take up a job, earn money, and support her family. Talking about the past days, she recollects that coping up with daily activities was difficult but also mentions that, as days passed by she got habituated to her way of life, and also positively embraced it.

She says that her family has been supportive during her challenging times and has helped her grow and develop. She also mentions that her councilor of the Commerce Department of Maharaja College, too extended support and encouraged her to continue her studies. Mamata gave her 12th board examinations just last year.

An image of her’s that went viral a few days back has attracted people’s attention and has left many inspired. For those who didn’t know about her story, which is that of sheer determination, need to sit back and realize that, if in a challenging life like hers, Mamata can achieve all that she aims for, we too can. All that is required is determination.

Mamata along with her inspiring story has also given the youth a message. She urges individuals to take charge of their lives and channel dedication and efforts in the direction of their goals and strive to achieve their dreams.


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