Things That Make You Wish You’d Listened to Your Teachers
light hearted look at the things we should have learnt in school and college

Your First Day of Work
You are acutely conscious about your shoes, your clothes, how neat you are. You feel like a deer in the headlights whenever anyone asks you a question, and realize that you know nothing. Every bunked class comes back to haunt you.
Luckily it’s just for a week:

When You’re Doing Your Taxes:
Many 10th standard maths syllabi have an introduction to Income Tax. Of course, at that time, a salary was something grown-ups got. Fast forward to when you’re actually earning, and wrestling with deductions is hell.

When a Child Asks You a Question:
To a child, anyone older is infinitely wise. At least, till they make a mistake. So, you try to seem as knowledgeable as possible so as not to disappoint the child, but you weren’t listening in class, were you?

When You’re Usain Bold: and you only manage a 9.69 in the 2008 Olympics because your shoelace was untied.

When You Look at Your Facebook Wall:
and everyone in your friends’ list seems to be the world expert on the God Particle.
Then you realize they’re faking it, and think of ways to outfake them.

When You Travel in Europe:
and realize geography is real

When You Talk in a Theater:
Start and are hit with please-die-now glances from everyone, you wish you’d listened to the ‘finger on your lips’ warning

When You’re Watching the Latest
medical drama: and can’t understand anything owing to your biology periods being spent sleeping

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Volume 2 Issue 3


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