It’s A Bird? It’s A Plane? Oh No, Its Life!


Getting out of the comfort zone of your teenage years is one of the most difficult phases in your life. After 20, a whole new world await you. Life has a lot of surprises in store for you, and it basically turns into a roller coaster which unlike sweet sugar coated fiction, doesn’t just go up, but in fact has a lot of major free falls filled with adrenaline rushes, many loops and eventually a point where everything is calm and slow as you approach the end.

20’s is that period of your life where you’ve just left the wild, crazy teenage years behind, and you don’t really know if you’re mature enough to face the real world. You’re a kid at heart, yet expected to stand on your own feet and fend for yourself.

Another major distinctive change in this age group, is that one gets a lot of reality checks. It opens your eyes, and this time, so wide, that you learn to not veer yourself away.

Although a wonderful journey, here is what everyone goes through in their 20’s: –

Peer Group

You begin to realize that only a few people matter. Your circle keeps getting smaller until it’s down to just a few. You realize who would be there for you when the skies are grey and who are truly the people whom you could trust.


Money is the villain of your life at this point in most cases. You would be drowning in debt in many instances and yet partying and splurging as if the world would end tomorrow.


A constant battle with your family is evident. You are too old to live with your parents, yet too immature and inexperienced to live on your own. You feel the need to be protected and yet, get annoyed with the over protectiveness because after all, you’re a big boy/girl now, or so you think.

Personal Life

You begin contemplating your existence. Facing an existential crisis is very common because nobody is even sure about what they’re up to in life. You begin the day hating life, and yell ‘C’est la vie” before calling it a day. In some instances, your days goes from being a “This is so much fun” feeling of awesome to “I am a despicable human being” feeling to guilt.

Professional Life

You have a swinging work life. You change jobs faster than you change your socks, all for the sake of working in different environments and getting a huge exposure and experience.


You realize that there is no short cut to success. It hits you hard, that your family can’t be of much help in the professional world, and that for once, you need to venture out on your own. Success looks easy to achieve, yet seems to be miles away from where you are right now.


It finally sinks in, that you’re getting older. You realize that you aren’t as active and fit as you used to be a few years ago, and the first signs of ageing start appearing. You get used to people calling you with elder person names, such as uncle and aunty.

One needs to learn the way to survive this roller coaster ride. At times, you cannot wait for it to end, and yet, you would crave for these years again, once the 30s start their reign. So, while you’re at it, you might as well enjoy it.


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