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Platforms: Android, iOS
Description: An application that not only gives you access to 250,000+ recipes but also allows you to upload your own and view those of your friends. Another really striking feature is that you can type in any three left over ingredients you may have lying in your refrigerator and the app will come up with a number of recipes in which they can be used.



Platforms: Android
Description: Okay, so you’re probably confused about the name, but it echoes the emotions of every individual who is given charge of a kitchen – what the f**k should I make for dinner?! In addition to the ease with which it switches between recipes and brings you your most suited dish, it also gives you really funny responses, which again, are exactly what you’ve been thinking.





Platforms: Android, iOS
Description: AllTheCooks helps you find recipes, share yours and even share images of your preparations. Its online live forums solve little problems that one faces while cooking from a recipe. For social networking enthusiasts, this is the perfect recipe app as it allows you to share everything from your grocery list to your final dish on your social media accounts.


Indian recipesINDIAN RECIPES

Platform: Android
Description: For all those who have to impress that neighbourhood auntyji who has a tractor for a mouth and thinks no culinary skill is fit for morals, this app would come to your rescue. It provides one with detailed recipes of lip-smacking Indian dishes from all over the country that seem to belong only in mums’ areas of expertise.





Platform: Android
Description: This one’s an emergency exit. When the cake’s all burnt and there’s too much salt in the curry and you have to give up and order in, Eattr is your last resort. Eattr helps you find restaurants in your locality, lets you know their popular dishes and also provides you with generous discounts and meal offers.




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