Kashiyatra 2020 – The Annual Socio-cultural Festival Of IIT Varanasi

Kashiyatra 2020

Kashiyatra 2020, the 38th edition of the annual socio-cultural festival of IIT (BHU), Varanasi will be organised from 17th to 19th January 2020. With attendees crossing 70K, it is one of the largest festivals of North India. Kashiyatra is a great opportunity to showcase your talent and set the stage on fire in front of a large audience coming from every nook and corner of the country. Participants from over 350 colleges will be vying to win hearts.

There are more than 60 events lined across the following categories:

ABHINAY: From lively street plays to spectacular mime acts to the finest mono acts and astonishing stage plays, ABHINAY has something for every dramatics enthusiast. The judges of this event are Manish Joshi, Asima Bhatt, and Rajesh Khattar. 

BANDISH: The Indian Music Event of Kashiyatra. The judges of this event are Shashank Dixit, Akanksha Grover, Mohit Dhobal and Robby Joseph. Bandish comprises of solo singing, duets, band performances, soulful acoustic performances, instrumental and jaw-dropping original composition.

CROSSWINDZ: Western Music Band Event of Kashiyatra. The judges of this event are  Shashank Dixit and Robby Joseph. 

ENQUIZTA: The Quizzing Event of Kashiyatra. This event witness quizzes on music, entertainment and literature, travel and culture, sports, biz tech, India and a general quiz. The judges of this events are Lokesh Kaza, Major Chandrakant Nair and Ankit Kumar.

MIRAGE: The Lifestyle Event of Kashiyatra. Asmita Marwa, Aishwarya Sharma (Figuramoda- Fashion for Change), Pankhuri Gidwani(Miss Grand India 2016) & Dr. V. Sarvani as the Judges for “Mirage”.

NATRAJ: The Dance Event of Kashiyatra. The judges of this event are Isha Dang and Rohit Chawla. From group dance to duet dance to solo dance to the energetic street dance, Natraj has everything in store for you.

SAMWAAD: The  Literary Event of Kashiyatra. The judges of this event are Ravi Gupta, Shusheel Kumar Sharma, Aqib Sabir, and Abhinav Arun. From poetry to stand up comedy to JAM sessions to debates to word games to creative writing, SAMWAAD has everything in store for you.

TOOLIKA: The Fine Arts Event of Kashiyatra. The judges for the event are Vimal Chandran, he is a self-taught visual artist, and Renu Khera, she is the founder and director of the National Institute of Fine Arts.

Visit www.kashiyatra.org to register now.

For any queries contact Sharad Godke (+91 8962851919), Pankaj Kumar(+91 9792849851).


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