Book reading has always been a fascinating exercise for the youth and adults alike. Even after the advent and continuous growth of OTT apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the interest in book reading remains intact. 2019 saw great releases in fiction and nonfiction categories be it nationally or internationally.  

In this article, however, I have listed the three fiction books by Indian authors you must read in 2020 if you haven’t already. 

1.Muhammad Bin Tughlaq: Tale of a Tyrant by Anuja Chandramauli

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When his father dies, Prince Jauna Khan succeeds to the throne of Delhi as Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. His reign will prove to be epic and bloody, but unsurpassed in splendour, innovation and defeat. A formidable strategist and remarkable scholar, the Sultan will go down in history for his brutality as well as his brilliance, unfairly remembered only as a cruel dictator who might have been raving mad. His high-flown aspirations and grandiose ambitions may have met with crushing failure, but yet, Tughlaq emerged as a great hero of the 14th century, albeit a tragic and fatally flawed one.

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It is actually quite a heartfelt tale if you look past the horrors in terms of war and punishments extraordinary in those times. The author leaves her comfort zone of Hindu mythology and has picked quite a polar figure in history. Like any of her previous work, Anuja has portrayed her protagonist (Tughlaq) in a completely new avatar. We have been taught about his blunders in schools, but we never got to know the reasoning behind those ideas and why they failed miserably. Tughlaq has been shown as more like a failed hero than a villain who was surrounded by orthodox, power-hungry ministers. Overall it’s a perfect read if you are a fan of historical fiction. 

2. Kanpur Khoofia Pvt. Ltd by Richa S Mukherjee

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Mr Prachand Tripathi is a private investigator and owner of Kanpur Khoofiya Pvt Ltd. Accustomed to tracking down missing pets and cheating lovers, he is in for an absolutely new task; the one that changes his world completely when a new case requires him to tail actress Shailaja Kapoor. What seems like a simple request turns into a dramatic dive into her murky past, digging through which is not going to be easy or safe. Soon Prachand and his wife, and partner against crime, Vidya, fall under the glare of the police as Shailaja Kapoor is abducted right before their eyes. Now he must put his skills to the test before they become victims at the end of a dark and dangerous game.

Book Review

If you are looking to read a mysterious fiction, then this is the book for you. The author has not only put the charm of mystery in this book but has also added great comic scenes to make it distinct from other books in the same genre.  I can say that Richa has done a tremendous job as an author. She takes us on a thrilling journey of murder and abduction. However, the thing which strikes out is the fact that she managed to show that dreams do come true if there are determination and passion. This has been portrayed through the protagonist, Prachand Tripathi who refuses to give up despite all odds. I assure you reading this book will be worth your time. 

3. The Apple: History’s greatest mystery. Mankind’s greatest theft by Devashish Sardana

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The Apple is an innovative, fast-paced thriller. If you like unique puzzles, ancient legends, and a pulse-pounding twist on a familiar story, then you’ll love Devashish Sardana’s action-packed adventure.

Book Review

Well this book is a thriller, no wait, it’s a mystery thriller, no no, it’s a thriller plus mystery plus fantasy, yes you read it right, it’s a rare combination of these three genres.  The story is centred around Queen Azura who sacrificed her life to fulfil her ancestors sacred mission. It is a unique novel with a very different setting than usual and is definitely a page-turner. I loved the narration of the story and plot development is upto the mark. It has a twisted and an unexpected ending. Once you start reading it, I assure you would finish it in not more than one or two sittings. The suspense craves you to read more. This book has made it to this list only because of its unique nature. 

Catching interest already? Then go get your hands on these book quickly and dive into their stories!


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