K C Mahindra Offers Scholarships To Study Abroad


Applications for the K C Mahindra Education Trust 2012 scholarships are now open. The interest-free loan scholarships are offered only to Indian nationals who are keen on completing their postgraduate studies outside India in a host of different fields. The maximum amount for the K C Mahindra scholarship has been fixed at Rs.2 lakh per scholar, while the K C Mahindra Fellow Scholarships amount to Rs.8 lakh per scholar. Those who wish to apply for these scholarships must possess a first class degree or an equivalent diploma from a recognised Indian university. They must also have secured admission to, or have already applied at a reputable foreign university for courses that begin from September 2012 onwards, but no later than February 2013. The interview is scheduled to take place during the month of May 2012. Visit www.nanhikali.org for more details.

Volume 1 Issue 10


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