Jobs of The Future – April 2016

Robotic arms concept

An overview of future careers that didn’t exist until now

The future has always been a very obscure concept, but a fascinating one nonetheless. We can make predictions, review history to get an idea of what might happen, or base the entire science on the stars; but nobody can ever guarantee that their predictions will become reality over time. The business of predicting the future has been a part of our race since the times of yore. Why, even in the 1500s, the reputed seer, Nostradamus took it upon himself to write down the prophecies of the future of the world, and guess what, that book has rarely been out of print since his death. What with the wide array of astrologists, tarot card readers, palm readers and more all delving into the world of the crystal globes and coming up with interpretations for what they presume to be the truth of the future, it comes as no wonder that the future is our race’s pet project.
Even as we step out of the realm of the unknown, we are bombarded by interpretations of the future, just here, they’re more universal than personal. You only have to look at our sci-fi books and movies to know what we’re talking about. Be it the elusive I, Robot, which showcased the entire human race being taken over by the city’s central artificial intelligence computer or Disney’s Wall-E, which portrayed a futuristic human society which relied on automated systems for their ever need; it is very clear that we expect the future to be vastly different from the world we know today. While I Robot showed robots in every household and driverless cars, Wall-E presumed that we would have to abandon Earth as a large dumping ground due to decades of mass consumerism and live on a large spaceship, which also showed human society being enslaved by automated systems to be the point where walking wasn’t necessary anymore.
Now the future may be glorious, or it may be bleak, but if you ask us, the process of reaching that future is more fascinating than the future itself. All we’ve imagined about our future is all based only on the results; the process has never been fantasised. What we tend to forget is that with the changing world, one of the biggest changes that we will face are in the job sector. Because as the world changes, so will its demands. And to supply to those demands, jobs will change. So you see, when we look at the future, and all that it encompasses, one of the most important things to consider are the jobs that will be created in order to generate the future. And isn’t that just so much more interesting than just final products?
Jump along with us on the job forecasting bandwagon with our cover story for the month, Jobs of the Future, and let us show you what your future may look like. We’ve surveyed through career trends, spoken to the experts and compiled our list of what may very easily be the most viable career options in the future. In our cover story, we cover everything from Genetic Counsellors to Virtual Teachers, Robotic Engineers to Social Media Lawyers, and even delve into the future of Health. So come along, take a ride on a time machine as you flip through the pages of our cover story and let us show you what the future of jobs looks like.


Volume 5 Issue 10


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