Influencer Marketing: Building Brands Via Influencers

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“ People don’t buy goods and services, they buy relations and stories”.Once upon a time, everything was dependent on finding a vendor for good advertising but today it is about how companies use new trends to build their brand. Influencer Marketing is one such trend that is important and we have seen it being used in the past three months with the help of ‘social media influencers’. 

Influencer Marketing is better to go with, as it allows a brand to engage with a wider Digital Audience. It is important for a brand to know where they want to go and with whom. Every influencer is different and the brand shouldn’t be dependent only on the number of followers but should research the influencer’s audience and the content quality. Digital Space audience understands more than any other audience so it is important for the brand to be aware of what they want & whom they want.

Recently I attended a webinar on the same and the speakers spoke about what it is to be an influencer and the magic formulae for Influencer Marketing. For those who don’t know what Influencer Marketing is, it is a recent form of social media marketing that companies and brands adopt to attract potential customers via social media influencers who have a huge audience and expertise in a particular field. Brands sign official contracts with influencers for product placement, product promotion, and other brand promotional activities.

An influencer is someone whom the audience allows to influence through their content. These influencers have formed a connection with the audience; it is more like empowering the people and being relatable. Influencers have a personal connection with their followers. Taking advantage of this personal connection, brands associate with influencers and use it to the best benefit to promote their products/services. 

A brand and an influencer work as a team, thus it becomes the responsibility of the influencer to build credibility and quality content for the brand they are collaborating with as well as for the audience. Brands in return should be flexible and never underestimate the intelligence of the audience.  Brands should follow the influencer’s style of influencing and ensure authenticity. For all of this, the brands need to choose an influencer whose style tailors best with their brand ideology.

Recent times have shown that life is unpredictable and we have new challenges coming our way. Brands have to use new methods, as we all have seen in the past three months that how essential it is to have a digital presence. Digital Space has a great impact and provides so many opportunities to grow. Brands have used influencer marketing more in this COVID time to inspire the target audience and ensure an optimistic approach. It is how they have adapted to the massive change that 2020 brought for everyone. There has been a collaborative effort by both brands and influencers to build relations with their Audience. There have been webinars, conversations, and production of more engaging content that has allowed to maintain the relations between brands, influencers, and their audience.

Another important thing for brands to remember is that they should be aware of the platforms that they choose for influencing the audience. Every platform has a different audience and a different algorithm. Brands should research and choose the appropriate platform and then choose the influencer according to their need. 

With Influencer Marketing, it is different, the influencer’s word has more value as they have an authentic connection that provides the brand to sell their product or service. It is important for influencers to resonate with the brand as they know their audience best. They are able to create something unique and therefore increase a brand’s value. 

In the end, the goal of the brands and influencers is to find different mediums to reach their audience. It is all about credibility, forming a personal connection, and being able to form meaningful relationships with the audience.


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