India’s nuclear shield is now ready, as INS Arihant completes deterrence patrol

INS Arihant

After the successful completion of Strategic Strike Nuclear Submarine (SSBN) INS Arihant’s deterrence patrol, India has officially entered the triad of its nuclear capabilities – on land, air, and sea.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the crew and everyone involved, and tweeted, “In an era such as this, a credible nuclear deterrence is the need of the hour. The success of INS Arihant gives a fitting response to those who indulge in nuclear blackmail.” India is now a part of a handful of countries with capabilities to design, construct and operate SSBNs.

‘Arihant’ was built in Vishakapatnam, and has also gone on a couple of deep-sea dives there. A Russian diving support ship —the RFS Epron that arrived on October 1 — has been accompanying the Arihant on its deep sea dives and launch tests.

Another project that the Navy’s Submarine Design Bureau is reportedly working on is a class of Nuclear Powered Attack Submarines (SSN), which they hope to induct over the next 15 years. The plan is to build at least six SSNs, which would cost a total of Rs. 90,000 crores and more. The financial sanction for this project was given last year.

The completion of INS Arihant’s deterrence patrol ensures India’s readiness for a nuclear strike, now that it has a solid nuclear shield. A nuclear response is only feasible if the country’s nuclear triad – air, water, and land – is ready in case of an altercation with the enemy forces.




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