Indian Authors Revolutionize India’s Reading Culture

Indian Author
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We all have grown up listening to stories, as they never fail to attract our attention. Why then do we not like to read? Books tell stories, we don’t bother to read. India is said to have a very poor reading culture. One’s reading habits depend on various aspects like reading habits and educational background of parents, social circle, exposure to television screens, etc.  

Indian Authors
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The youth especially lacks the interest to read. However, a change in this scenario was seen when Indian authors like Chetan Bhagat, Amish Tripathi and Durjoy Datta started publishing their novels. Chetan Bhagat got all those, who never read a single book, to read. The credit for bringing about this massive change solely goes to him. What pulled the Indian youth to read Chetan Bhagat novels was the relatable factor. Every teenager could connect with the storyline and characters well. Thus, Chetan Bhagat succeeded in serving the readers with the right kind of food. Followed by him were Durjoy Datta and Amish Tripathi.

Durjoy Datta, known for writing romantic novels, also gained popularity among the young readers due to the love stories he came up with. Let’s face it, Bollywood has added a romantic side to each of our personalities. Hence, any sweet romantic story that we come across makes us all go “aww”. That is exactly what Durjoy Datta’s books did to his readers.

Amish Tripathi, another Indian author who came up with a unique genre, which combines mythology and fiction, took all by surprise. His insane way of crafting a completely new personality of the Hindu god, lord Shiva is what attracted all to his books.  

Books like Five Point Someone, One Indian Girl, 2 States, The Boy Who Loved, The Immortals of Meluha, etc. became very popular among the youngsters. From then on, realization seems to have made its way in the young Indians’ mind that reading books isn’t a boring pastime.

The stories of these Indian authors have succeeded in developing the interest of reading among the young Indians, which is why very recently, there number of Indian readers has been gradually rising.

Reading has always been considered as an important activity because of the benefits it provides to an individual.

It Hones English Language Skills

Most of us these days make many grammatical errors. India is living in the virtual world where maximum communication by the teens and adults happen over texts. This texting fad has given rise to slangs, cutting short of words, and replacing sentences with acronyms which is affecting the English skills. Reading helps in improving the language and enables the usage of correct grammar and spellings.

Expands Knowledge

Reading is the best source of knowledge. Apart from school/college textbooks, reading other books and newspapers too, increase immense knowledge, which helps an individual in the in staying updated with the happenings in the world.

Develops The Quality Of Critical Thinking

When the habit of reading is inculcated, it teaches one to read between the lines, analyze, draw conclusion and form opinions.

Fosters Creative Thinking

Reading various stories exposes one to diverse ideas and shapes the mind accordingly. As one comes across different stories that stem from a basic idea, the quality of thinking creatively is developed.

Helps You Get Rid Of Stress

Isolating yourself from others after a long day and spending some quality time with a book can help you get rid of stress and put your mind at peace.

The Indian authors did bring about a positive change, but now it is we who have to take this forward and inculcate a habit of reading within ourselves.


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