How to make most of your summer vacation?

Adrenaline gushes through our body as the sound of the last bell reaches our ears. Smiles break out on faces and laughter fills the room. We run out of the dreaded building, where we toiled daily, and make our way home, looking forward to the best part of the year: Summer Vacation.
The image of not having to wake up early each morning, rushing through breakfast and running for the bus seems enticing. Not seeing the faces of teachers and flipping through boring periods delights our minds. Summer vacations  might be heaven to students, but seeing kids lazing around all day doing nothing but watching TV is a nightmare to mothers, and it drives them up the wall. Its high time that students find ways to make their vacations more lucrative.
Learning a new language has its benefits. Apart from solidifying your resume, it also improves communication skills, which holds high value in your career. Companies often prefer employees who know a foreign language, over someone who knows only one language. Thus, it increases your chances of securing a job at your desired company. Travelling is also made easier, getting exposed to different cultures and seeing new places.

With so much time at hand, students can polish their skills which enhance their personality. Courses such as Public speaking or personality development elevate self confidence , and make communication easier. Logical reasoning and problem solving is improved, which are essential life skills. The world rides on technology, and computer courses  strengthen  your skillset, which makes you standout when applying for colleges or jobs.
A highly productive thing to do is volunteering at local NGOs. One can do anything from teaching underprivileged kids to cleaning areas to working on road safety.  Spending time with kids and sharing knowledge is a great way to contribute and give back to the society. Working in NGOs  gives experience, but above all, one feels satisfied at having done something good for the society. Certificates for working at NGOs are priceless, and colleges and companies are on the lookout for those. You also get to learn a lot about the place you are living in, and the kind of people you are living with.
Many students think boards are the biggest challenge they will face, but that is not the case. Colleges are not a walkthrough, and require a lot of effort to be put in. Studying in advance for colleges will smoothen the process once the actual hardship begins. It will be easier if you already have little knowledge  about what you are studying, which makes it easier to process the information being given.
Take time and surf through the internet to find an ideal career that matches your likes and dislikes. Talk to parents, relatives and friends, from different fields and ask them about their line of work. Knowing more about different careers helps set the path for finding the most suitable course you want to take in future.
Do something you enjoy, rather than sitting idle at home. If you love travelling, explore the bylanes of your city, and talk to different people about their lives. It is sure to be fascinating and interesting, knowing how different the lives of people are.  If you like writing, search for topics to write about. If you are interested in politics, learn the ways of the government, and how it functions. Foodies can jostle around the city and find new joints to try out  new kinds of food.
Last but not least, find a job. An internship gives you invaluable experience, lets you meet new people and makes you capable to do your future job. Find an internship through contacts, friends or relatives, and do an internship that suits you. Do not look for money-oriented internships offering huge stipends. Work for the experience, and learn the ways of a corporate job.
Do not dwindle your hard earned vacation, rather use it to do something helpful and productive, which will assist you in progressing ahead.


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