How Much Black Is Too Much Black

black clothing
Image Credits: Kino Wear

‘Black T-shirt with black jeans, black boots and a black leather jacket’ sounds like a perfect outfit for a person who is obsessed with black. The motto goes by ‘Black: All day every day.’ We all have a fair share of love for black clothing but some just fill up their closet with only black items. From outerwear to lingerie the cupboard just sees black everywhere.

Ever thought why?

Black is also a Color. Duh!!

black clothing
Image Credits: PinkClassy

“You should wear some colors. Try out something different”, if this is something you have said to a person who is obsessed with black, well then this is probably the reply you must have got- “Black is also a color.” Some people are just hesitant to try new and different colors hence they just opt for black.

Black can never go wrong

Let’s be real, black is a color that goes with everything. Don’t know what to pair with your red kurti? Well black is the way to go. That’s a reason people pair black with black and layer with more of it because you can never go wrong with black. Black understands, it’s always there for you.

Slimming. Duh!

Looking for ways to lose weight and look slim in no time? Well black clothes are the solution. Black is a color that can make you look slim instantly. It reflects less light hiding your folds and fat. So who needs diet when you can rock a black on black outfit and look fabulous?

Classy plus Sassy

black clothing
Image Credits: Pinterest

‘We never go out of style.’ Other colors roll in and out of fashion but black is always in trend. It is the best option when you want to look well-dressed without even trying. A little black dress (LBD) is the way to go for a classy look and also pull off a sassy attitude.

Don’t worry about stains

Red Wine or Haldi(turmeric) nothing can affect your black clothing. Clumsy people, if you check your clothes all the time with the fear of staining them, then don’t worry, black clothes are here again to save the day. They allow you to be absolutely clumsy and not to give a damn about stains.

These are just a few reasons why people love black. I mean come on! there are never enough reasons to define why you love something! Black is bae and here to stay.


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