Hinglish – The Colonial Cafe, Delhi



Hinglish is a quaint cafe that offers a blend of delicious food and warm ambience. This eatery serves continental food along with North Indian cuisine, both of which are prepared in a fusion style. The seating options include an airconditioned section along with a breezy outdoor section, lending a rustic charm to the restaurant. A definite crowd-puller is the live music and outdoor seating. Nirhari, one of the classic Eid special lamb dishes, is a must-try during your visit. But, those who want to sample some continental food should start off with a salad like the yummy corn and bellpepper salad and then move on to the classic Minestrone soup. It’s quite an experience to try out the ‘Tiffin’ meals served here that try and recreate the experience of eating a tiffin-style meal. A good pick would be the Vegetarian Premium Tiffin, a wholesome meal that comprises Paneer Makhani, a vegetable dish , Dal Makhani, rice, rotis and raita. Don’t leave without sampling the delectable waffles with cream, a breakfast dish that could even pass as a dessert! On the subject of breakfasts, we also suggest that you visit Hinglish for a hearty morning meal. Choose between traditional English-style omelettes and the all-time favourite Indian version of scrambled eggs, Akuri. An average meal for two sans alcohol will make your pockets lighter by Rs. 1000.

Volume 1 Issue 6


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