Rehab, Mumbai



LED lights in hues of pink, blue and purple light up the ceiling of Mumbai’s new lounge-cum-nightclub. Rehab can accommodate approximately 150 people at a time, leaving ample space for those who wish to lounge about to dine and enjoy their drinks, and for those who are really looking to shake a leg. The cocktails are well made, but are priced a bit on the steep side (`600 plus tax). Try out the mojito or the caipiroska, with their respective ingredients in perfect proportions. Munch on an appetiser or two to take your Rehab experience up a notch. The eggplant and mozzarella fritters are worth a try, complete with delicious citrus mayonnaise. The best thing about Rehab is that, even though it may come across as a nightclub (the weekends come alive with party animals!), it is also one of those places that allows you to enjoy a fine dining experience. Interestingly, each of the tables, standing apart from the dance area, has a carved wooden base that spells out a word such as ‘LOVE’, ‘LUST’, ‘SANE’ and ‘INSANE’. In keeping with the ‘rehab’ theme, the waiters sport t-shirts with images of nurses asking if you need a check-up! You won’t have to shell out an entry fee, but you are sure to exit with a much lighter wallet if you plan to enjoy a few good drinks. Most importantly, the music played here spans a good variety of hip hop, electronic and pop genres.

Linking Road, near National College, Khar West

Volume 1 Issue 10



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