Look Spook-tacular


With these stunning hair and make-up tips, you are sure to slay this Halloween!

On which other day can you join the kids and dress up scary without being judged? Halloween is the time we get to do all this and more. You might see kitties and mermaids too around but we say go bad or go home! Truly, no better day for going bad than this one! Experts from the Saks Salon tell us how.

Vampire makeup

Vampires has always been a traditional, popular look for Halloween. Could there be anything more frightening than bumping into a vampire on this particular night? Follow these three steps and ace the look!

Step 1: Prep the face

The most important thing here is a pale face. You must look as if you have never stepped out into the sunlight. Before applying any type of face paint, slather your face with a foundation primer or moisturizer. This keeps makeup from appearing cakey, especially if you have dry skin. Apply a puff of powder over entire face to keep it in place. You can use white baby powder here to keep the white effect.

Step 2: Apply the eye makeup

For the perfect vampire makeup, you want a smokey eye. The trick here is to use eyeshadow for the smokey bits, over an eyeliner. You can choose a dark gray, brown or black. Any dark eyeliner and eyeshadow will do you. Apply eyeliner on the inside of eye, on the top and bottom. Then take a dark eyeshadow and apply around the perimeter of the eye. Blend well. If you really want to go all out as a vampire, pop in fake contact lenses.

Step 3: Now have fun with the lips

Vampire lips aren’t supposed to be perfect. But they are supposed to be red. To get this look rub lipstick on your finger and press into lips. The “stain” will look authentic. Don’t forget to put in your fangs and you’re ready to go.


To go even further with this look:

Add blood to your get-up. Find out how to make fake blood in your own kitchen. Hair not creepy enough? Get a vampire wig

Get your partner to apply vampire bite makeup to his/her neck.

Don’t forget the vampire fangs.


Ursula makeup

For all her evil, there’s something distinctively sexy (and cool) about power-hungry Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid. If you’re ready to step over to the dark side this Halloween, she’s also a simple way to go bad in the best way possible.

Hair and makeup: Ursula is great, because you just need some purple face paint, red lipstick, and white temporary hair color or a cheap wig. If you’re going the temporary color route, style your hair up as high as it will go (if it’s short, you want it standing on end), and shellac it down with the spray color. Then slather yourself in face paint (preferably in liquid form if you want it to be fast), and pop on your red lips.


What to wear: A long, strapless black dress with slits in it to create the look of tentacles.

Take it to the next level: Instead of just cutting out tentacles, grab four pairs of opaque black tights and stuff them full of newspaper or plastic bags, then glue or sew them on your dress.


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