Go West?


Still feel that studying abroad is a better alternative? You wouldn’t be the only one to give an affirmative answer. And then again if by what some experts have to say is anything to go by, you would be totally justified in doing so. But if you have deficient knowledge about foreign universities and the courses that they offer, the chances of you ending up in a dilemma are pretty high.


The word dilemma means a difficult choice that has to be made between two or more alternatives. Having said that, I need not mention that the study abroad dilemma is a situation in which a student is confused whether to stay on and get educated in his/her own country or go abroad for higher studies.

Many students find themselves in this undesirable situation where they have to make this difficult choice between studying abroad and studying here. The reason is mostly inadequate information and an unprepared mindset. Students often decide, rather hastily without much prior research or thought, to go and study abroad and then find themselves in this dilemma. This also stems from the fact that there is a lack of centers in India, especially outside the four metropolitan cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata, which can provide good guidance and sufficient information about the study abroad programs.

Students not having access to these centers have to either rely on websites or have to seek advice of their friends and family etc. which plunges their minds into a state of confusion.


To resolve this dilemma, you must first find out all about the Indian universities offering courses in the field of your choice, and then compare them with their foreign counterparts. Do not go merely by ratings, but consider the advice of students who have studied in the universities as well as that will help you to get an insight of the universities. Then find out sufficiently about the faculty, teaching process, syllabus and the courses that these universities are offering.   This information will greatly help you in making up your mind regarding where you want to study. But if you decide to study in a particular university, going just by its reputation and with no prior information of the aforesaid factors, finding yourself in this dilemma will then become inevitable. Do not hesitate in taking your time to make up your mind, as this decision will affect your entire academic and to some extent, even professional world.


If you choose to study abroad, do not do so unless you have considered its many aspects – the long distance from home, the different classroom environment, the enormous costs and adjusting to a new society. Going with an unprepared mindset will ensure that your studying abroad experience is one which you will want to forget. You must be mentally prepared well in advance regarding the whole deal. Conversing with someone who has studied abroad ought to help you to know what you can expect.

Studying abroad can be quite a delightful experience- but you need to make it one. Failure to plan well in advance can result in a disastrous experience.


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