Global Youth Economic Summit – A Peek Into The Future 2.0

Global Youth Economic Summit

The Global Youth Economic Summit is a one-day youth-oriented conference where significant economic agendas of global outlook are discussed and deliberated by notable dignitaries who are specialised in that field. This year we are honoured to host speakers like Mr. Aaditya Thackeray, Ms. Priyanka Chaturvedi and many more. 

This year the theme of Global Youth Economic Summit is A Peek into the future 2.0 and the agendas of the same are 

1. Advancement towards Sustainable future – As we all know the global economy is facing a lot of problems in regards to climate change and non-sustainable development, we will discuss the solutions and how to cope with such problems. 

2. Data Revolution – As we have entered a new decade, our world is in the mode of data Revolution, and two major factors of data revolution are Business Intelligence and VR/AR, virtual reality and augmented reality. To understand the future of such innovative technologies, we have a keynote on both Business Intelligence and VR AR.

3. Futuristic Outlook of the global economy – Global Economy is facing a lot of economic barriers like the global debt crisis, trade wars, etc. This agenda will help you to know more about the future of the Global Economy. 

Other than the agendas we will also have Awaaz – The Youth Parliamentary Debate, motion of which is ‘whether India has utilized its youth to become 5 trillion Economy’?, as we all know India is youth-based country and future of the economy lies in the hands of Youth, so this Youth Parliamentary Debate will tell us how Youth will handle Indian economy?


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