Fantasies 2020: Diverse City; A Cultural Symphony

Fantasies 2020

A cultural festival as the name goes is to celebrate the talent of students in events that showcase our culture. Fantasies 2019-20, the annual cultural fest of SIES College of Commerce & Economics proceeded to do just that with its theme for the year- ‘Diverse City; A Cultural Symphony’. 

Mumbai is the city of dreams, but it is also the host to a variety of cultures. Each one is somewhere, somehow connected to the other. The aim was to blend and celebrate the cultures around the world, not only by bringing them together but by trying to forge a feeling of kinship among all and enjoying as one unit.

This theme is what connected us with our Title Sponsor for this year; ShareChat- content creation and sharing platform that taps into something that has traditionally been a part of our Indian culture- our regional languages. 

The two days of 23rd & 24th January saw record participation in a lot of our events in this 21st year of the fest. These events were spread out over various genres like Fine Arts- events like Mehendi, Nail Art, Makeup & Thread Art; Sports- events like Cricket & Football; IT- events like Fifa’20 & NFS Forza; Performing Arts- events like Street Dance, Band, Rapping & Beatboxing and many more. 

With celebrities like Ayaz Ahemed, Ankur Rathee, Umar Riaz, Naitik Nagada, Nawaz Shez, Vidit Sharma and many others as judges, the participants were fully pumped to awe them with their power-packed performances. 

FANTASIES’20 was sports and entertainment encapsulated in 2 days, bringing youth from all over the Mumbai, to SIES College Of Commerce and Economics. These two days saw a lot of tension but also excitement and enjoyment for the organisers of the fest. The overall experience was really great and Fantasies 2019-20 was definitely a milestone creator in SIES.

Fantasies 2020


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