E-Fizzics 2020 – The Intercollegiate Fest Of R.D. National College


The Physics department of R D National College is all set to host this year’s Festival of Physics: E-Fizzics 2020, a huge one-day intercollegiate fest featuring an array of interesting events, intriguing lectures and power-packed activities on the 1st of February 2020. The department plans to celebrate the day with full vigour and zest transforming the entire college campus as a one-stop destination to love and adore the beauty of pure physics.

The alumni of the Physics department, Dr Subramanya Kusnur, and Mr Pradeep Nair, MD, Blauplug Innovations Pvt Ltd are the guest speakers for the fest, who will throw light on the applications of electronics and the need for innovations to create sustainable energy solutions.

This event is meant to create and imbibe the magic of science that we live and breathe each day. The highlights of the fest, E-Fizzics 2020 boasts about encompassing the applications of Physics in the four most interesting areas of:

1.Environment : 

From Physics to Environmental Science- A Natural Evolution.

The laws of Physics lie at the core of the earth sciences which govern everything in our environment from fluid dynamics, atmospheric absorption, weather, and climate change. Today an increasing number of physicists are helping to tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges to decarbonize society. The need of the hour is to create awareness in developing technological solutions for environmental problems.

2. Energy : 

A Plunge into Energy Conservation-

Much of Physics is the study and transformation of energy and it is the energy that lies at the heart of important environmental issues. The need of the hour is to develop methods to access energy in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner.

3. Electronics : 

The breakthrough, the revolution-

Advancement in electromagnetic theory has empowered the human race with the magic of electronics which has made the evolution of electric power, industry, electronic devices and our modern standard of living possible.  This segment is an invite for the students to showcase their ideas in the field of electronics.

4. Entertainment : 

The technology that changed the modern world-

Starting with the invention of phonograph, the telephone, moving picture camera, the evolution of other media such as silent films, broadcast media has revolutionised the world we live in and is right now the most indispensable part of our generation.

The students from the physics department, ranging from the first year Junior College to MSc Part II, have been working relentlessly and tirelessly to create various working projects and models over the days. The department has consciously made it a point to create the scientific culture in each and every student, which has further inspired them in designing the GAMES section so that any random person on the campus enjoys the Physics behind each activity that is set for them.

Another highlight of the Physics fest is the showcasing of a Fashion show, planned as a beautiful treat to the audience presenting the entire gist of the theme of E-Fizzics which makes it more educative in nature. The theme-oriented fashion show itself is planned in such a way to promote the evolution of pure physics, offering a platform for each person to visualize concepts, analyse the pattern of scientific evolution and get immersed in a world where music, faith, fantasy, and incredible science meet together.

All together the Physics department is all set to host and observe the best day of the academic year, 1st of February 2020 as the day of celebration of science and its wonders.


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