GAGA Over Warewolf!


Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have come into the light early September. Taylor Kinney, starting as Mason Lockwood in the sitcom Vampire Diaries, was seen leaving with Gaga from her dance studio a number of times. The two have kindled rumours of being together after their “You and I” music video hookup, and now it seems that they are dating for real. The couple is legit! Although, Gaga is not too serious with the werewolf soap star because of her commitment to millions of Little Monsters across the world! In the music video, Taylor plays Luc Carl, Gaga’s ex-boyfriend. The growing impassionate relationship of Gaga and Kinney is confirmed by many, although, it’s noted that they are not serious due to their hectic schedules. But based on their steamy video, it sure looks like they have great chemistry!

Volume 1 Issue 6


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