For Those Who Call Themselves Foodies, These Asian Countries Are A Must Visit

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It is obvious that to fully understand the cultures of people you need to enjoy their traditional foods in their country and Asia offers countless culinary delights that will knock you off your feet. Think Pho, Bao, Stir-Fry, egg-fried noodles, and more! What are some of the great culinary destinations you can find in Asia? Let us unpack this for you so when you find yourself in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, or Indonesia, you know exactly where to go and more importantly, what to eat.


While spring rolls might not have originated in Vietnam, they have certainly adjusted the taste to not only suit the Vietnamese people but also tourists. But this is not all this gorgeous country is known for. Classic dishes such as pho and bun cha are all the rage and continue to be. And if you are looking for an authentic street-food style extravaganza head to Hanoi where you will be spoilt for choice, literally. Expect to taste hints of chili, fresh herbs, and lemongrass as you are transformed to every foodie’s Asian dream. 


We can draft novels on top of novels on why Thailand is one of the best foodie destinations on the planet. Firstly, food is super affordable, yet the quality is out of this world. And the seafood? It is a gastronomical experience of note. Travelers are often not aware of Thailand’s exceptional seafood, specifically found in Phuket – think deep-fried prawns and delectable crabs. And then we have a range of Thai curries that is ready to make your taste buds explode. The green, red, and yellow Thai curries are only the beginning but oh so delicious. We are salivating at the mere thought of it. The street food scene is also from the top shelf, you will enjoy every single food item, trust us.


feast just waiting to happen, we are sure of this. While Cambodia is an extremely beautiful country, its food is on another level of amazing. Let us start with a dish called amok which is popular among locals and tourists alike AND it is unofficially known as the country’s national dish. But samlor korkor is the official national dish and has been around for hundreds of years. This soup is cooked using veggies and meat but is most known for ingredients such as catfish and pork belly. Then there is Nom banh chok: Khmer noodles. This breakfast food consists of noodles with fish in green curry gravy. Expect flavors such as lemongrass, ginger, turmeric, and garlic. Imagine breakfast food consisting of these ingredients? One word, WOW. 

Cambodia, Asia
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This list cannot be complete without this Southeast Asian country. A top choice for many travels, Bali is always the province of choice when it comes to both food and an epic beach holiday and we understand why. But Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta is truly the destination that will have you feasting. Street food is quite common all over Asia, so it makes complete sense that we feature Jakarta. The street food scene is quite diverse as it draws inspiration from a range of cultures including that of Java, Bali, and even Chinese and Dutch too. What is more, food is inexpensive, delicious and unlike anything you have ever eaten before, trust us on this one. 


There are countless street vendors selling everything from pork sandwiches, fried chicken cuts, braised beef noodles, grilled fish, dumplings, and more. You will find that a lot of the street food found in Taiwan is inspired by Chinese cuisine with a Taiwanese twist and it is this that makes it unique. No one thing tastes like another, which will leave you coming back for more. Besides the bustling street food, check out some of the small eateries, food courts, heck even fine dining, Taiwan has it all. 

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Two words, nine letters – WAGYU BEEF. Besides being the creators of sushi and of course perfecting the art of sushi, Japan is also known for the best meat in the world, wagyu beef. One of the best, if not the best food regions in Asia, Japan has something for everyone, and trust us when we say this, you will love all of it. There are high-end gourmet foods, affordable sushi restaurants featuring your sushi on conveyor belts, and cheap eateries too. While Tokyo specifically, is known for these delicious foods, you can also find a variety of dishes such as yakitori grilled chicken skewers and of course, seafood. Do not forget to get yourself a bowl of ramen, the real ramen not the ones from a packet. 

Other top destinations in Asia for foodies include:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore 
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Philippines 
  • Sri Lanka
  • India


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