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Virtual Reality

To a surprise for many, the $2 billion worth Oculus that was brought by Facebook has some where channelized itself into its home specialization of Virtual Reality. The launch of Facebook Spaces was another step towards the development of the VR technology. The project which the founder Mike Booth refers as “the biggest challenge”, required lots of work, patience and financial force.

In an era where the world is still learning to adapt to the Virtual Reality technology, the company has tried its level best in bringing the unexpected experience in this newly created virtual world. The use of these headsets and touch controller represent your actual motions virtually. By merely equipping yourself with the above gadgets, you start living the world with the Avatar’s perspective in the scenario such beautifully that your other works would succumb, leaving you busy wandering.

It’s a great way of getting in touch and spending time with your loved ones who are at a long distance. Facebook will provide you with a space to hangout and interact with the people of your choice, with the liberty to design your look or as they call it Avatar. Here are the exciting reasons listed which would make you never ignore this invented technology.

Customize your Personal Look

The moment you sign in, the portal asks you to build an Avatar. This is the representation of you in person at the set of the virtual world. The Avatar is easily customizable and adjustable. You can modify it making it look similar to you. People interacting with you via Facebook Spaces would ably be guided into the virtual reality finding you there in your disguised Avatar.

Its Realistic Touch

The developers have worked hard to rectify the errors in the app. Dragging your pic into the spaces, it quickly generates a similar looking cartoon figure. There are opportunities for you to customize the facial features like nose, ear etc. making them look better. To connect with your friends quickly, make sure you create a recognizable Avatar.

Virtually Passing Time

Spending time with someone is usually hindered with the time and place constraints, so is this virtual reality app that allows you the space in your preferred time. Make sure you are active on spaces. Give Facebook Spaces the time and it will be your global guide.

Actually visiting the place isn’t profitable until you can virtually experience it on your headset.

Social Rooms

Connect using this app to as many friends, who don’t meet collectively at a single time. Spend some time along with them and enjoy the talk. You can virtually draw in the air in the newly created virtual world.

The headset captures head movements, making things like facing someone while speaking possible. It would also interpret the sound that helps the app track your lip movement. “They’re not hyper-realistic, where you can find every little flaw,” says Mike Booth. When he explains the basic purpose of showing the lip movement, he continues “We just want to show that you’re talking.”

More In The Store

The VR technology will let you make video calls, send video messages, transfer the 3D art that could be your brain child and many more. The fun gets doubled with the enhancement of the VR experience by introducing the selfie stick. You can click pictures and add it to your timeline feeds.

You can pause any moment you wish and relive it in the virtually real world. The basic motive being, to get you close to your family and friends in a trustworthy place and create a positive environment, a live able world and a virtually social platform.

The future seems bright for the company, which plans to advance their quality of virtual vision. Hope there comes a day where face to face chatting precedes to face to face meetings, but on the virtual platform.


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