Explore Career Opportunities In The Plant World With A Degree In Botany

career in botany
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There are many people I have come across who are plant lovers, then there are those who consider plants as their friends, and then there are those who find everything related to plants fascinating and intriguing. These are people who study plant life in and out and are always looking to expand their knowledge about plants. Many give a proper direction to this fascination of theirs by pursuing a career in Botany – the study of plants. 

Botany is a unique field to pursue a career in and is also one of the highly preferred careers in India. This is indicative of the fact that it holds high career prospects for individuals. A degree and career in Botany provide you with in-depth knowledge about the life of plants that includes the study of even the tiniest plant to humongous trees. However, the curriculum of Botany goes beyond just studying the life of plants. It also involves studying, analysing and understanding the problems related to forests, discovering new species of plants, finding solutions to problems like pests, insects, chemicals and other factors that pose danger to the overall life and growth of plants.  

To graduate with a degree in Botany, you need to clear the 10+2 education with Biology, Chemistry and Physics as the main subject and hold a minimum 55 percentile. An undergraduate degree of Botany is usually a three-year-long course. If you plan on further applying for a master’s degree, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in Science or Botany. You can also choose to pursue a doctorate degree in Botany. 

Acquiring a degree in Botany offers a wide range of career/job options. We have put down a few major career options you can explore with a degree in Botany: 

Plant and Soil Scientist

career in botany
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A plant scientist majorly works in relation to agriculture. He/she works towards fostering better crop yields, developing newer ways of agriculture to increase the level of production, and find ways to fight pests, better the health of crops. He/She also has the responsibility to adopt ways that ensure the soil remains fertile, select the right kind of pesticide that not just keeps the pests away from damaging the crops and the soil but also a one that is healthy for the field. The job role of a plant scientist also involves a lot of fieldwork. 


career in botany
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The profession of a biotechnologist will demand you to carry out in-depth research for the purpose of creating new biological products and also improvising on the existing ones. A biotechnologist conducts various experiments in order to create a new product before launching the final one. These biological products involve developing disease-resistant crops, biofuels, pesticides, medicines, etc. He/She also is responsible for maintaining the lab equipment, producing reports on the various projects he/she undertakes to the company/organisation he/she works for.  Biotechnologists are needed in organisations like food manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical firms, hospitals, etc. 

Soil and Water Conservationist

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The main job of a soil and water conservationist is to conserve the natural resources and maintain their health. Soil and Water Conservationists work towards preventing the soil from losing its nutrients and becoming infertile. This profession is the best for those who only have a bachelor’s degree in Science/Botany. 


career in botany
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The field of Horticulture is vast. It mainly involves the cultivation of plants and trees. A horticulturist plays the role of cultivating, packaging and selling food, vegetables and other decorative plants. He/she can either work for organisations or also own his/her own farm, orchard or nursery. Horticulturists also create new plants by adopting new and unique cultivation techniques. 


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The world needs more and number of Naturalists. Naturalists primarily raise awareness about the environment. Naturalists encourage people to appreciate nature and teach them ways to take care of it. They also work towards preserving, maintaining, and restoring the natural habitat. Naturalists carry education drives among various sections of the society to raise awareness about the environment, nature and the overall biodiversity. 

The need for professionals who work towards the maintenance of nature is extremely crucial given the level of pollution that is increasing rampantly. Thus, the demand for such professionals is high. If greenery is something that fascinates you, you must explore a career in it, because the opportunities are plenty. 


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