A Career In Event Management Is A Funfilled Ride One Event After The Other

Event Management
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A movie like Band Baaja Baaraat or a web series like Made In Heaven has made event management look cool. It has attracted a lot of individuals to choose event management as a career. Although this career has been existing for quite a long time, movies and web series like the aforementioned have made this career popular.

Event Management is one of the most diverse and agile careers ever. No two days in this field are the same. It involves a lot of creativity, communication, planning, organising and quick problem-solving skills. It is only with a combination of these and more interpersonal skills can an individual become a successful event planner/manager. 

So what really is event management? 

Event management is the planning and organising of various events using creativity for clients. It involves planning multiple kinds of events ranging from press conferences, panel discussions, summits, parties, weddings, as well as funerals. 

A career in event management offers a variety of perks. Some of them are:

Formation of wide networks: Event management is all about bringing together, people, for an event. This makes it possible for the planners or managers to talk to huge numbers of people coming from different professions as well as cultures. 

It’s free from monotony: Unlike other jobs that require employees to work in the office for specific decided hours doing the same work each day, a career in this field ensures your job doesn’t get monotonous. Each day you are expected to manage different things depending on the kind of event you have undertaken to plan and organise. 

Forces you to be creative: Every person/company wants its event to be unique and memorable. For this, the planners or managers are forced to be creative in their approach. A career in in this field is bound to make one extremely creative. 

Involves a lot of travelling: If you are willing to take up on-ground planning work, it will involve a lot of travelling. You will be constantly moving and juggling between events happening in different locations. On one day you can be in Udaipur organising a wedding, and on day two you can be in Delhi organising a press conference. 

Hones your organisational and problem-solving skills: This career field demands you to be on your feet at all times. You absolutely cannot be laid back. It requires you to be speedy, organised and calm at the same time. Organising an event is no cakewalk. Any problem or crisis can arise at any time. You must always be ready to face the worst with backup plans and be able to make quick decisions with a calm mind. The more events you organise, the more you will hone these skills. 

What do you require to get started?

There are a few options you can choose from as a qualification for becoming an event planner/manager. 

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Event Management)
  • MA in PR and Event Management
  • Masters in Event Management
  • MBA in Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Management
  • Diploma in Event Management and PR

Some institutes that offer a course or degree in event management are:

  • Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition, Bhubaneswar
  • NIEM – The Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
  • Jain Deemed-to-be University, Bangalore
  • IHM Goa – Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition
  • IHM Chandigarh – Dr Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management Catering & Nutrition
  • Vedatya Institute
  • Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University
  • Agrawal P.G. College
  • Institute of Tourism Studies Uttar Pradesh (ITS, Lucknow)
  • PES University

(the list is taken from Shiksha.com)

Some major recruiters in are:

  • TCI Consultancy Services and ‘e’ Events
  • Cox and Kings 
  • Wizcraft International Entertainment Pvt Ltd
  • Sita Conferences
  • DNA Netwroks. Pvt Ltd 
  • Tafcon Group

What is the kind of salary paid in this career?

There is honestly no issue with the salary. It majorly depends on the kind of event you plan and its massiveness. The starting salary however is Rs 4-5 lakhs per annum, 5-10 lakhs pa for mid-level and Rs 10 lakhs and above for senior-level planners. The salary amount of this career field however is subject to frequent fluctuations. 

So what have you decided? 


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