Essentials of a Healthy Relationship

healthy relationship
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Falling in love is fancy, but staying in love is all about commitment. Both are incredibly beautiful. While falling in love is uncontrollable, staying in love demands immense efforts. Keeping your love life healthy is paramount.

Constant conflicts, arguments, disappointment, lack of understanding, poor camaraderie, and other such factors effectively leads to ending of a relationship. This results in one feeling lonely, upset and in extreme cases depressed.

Partners in a relationship must follow or work towards following the below mentioned basic essentials to make their relationship blossom:

1. Trust: Trust, Belief and Faith act like cement that bind the other building bricks of a relationship together. It is that base, without which no relationship can survive. If true love exists between two people, trust accompanies involuntarily. With trust in a relationship, there are high chances of it lasting for a long time.

2. Honesty: Being honest and true to your partner is key to build trust. Dishonesty and hiding things severely affect a relationship. No matter how dark, bad or shallow the truth might be, nothing can be worse than hiding it from the person you love. Moreover, being dishonest will come in way of building trust among each other. The more you lie and hide things from your partner the more difficult it gets for your partner to trust you. The old proverb “Honesty is the best policy” thus holds strong relevance.

3. Communication: Our human kind developed and evolved once we started communicating. Why then should partners not communicate with each other?  Communication gap never does good. Expressing and sharing thoughts, opinions, and feelings is crucial to increase closeness. Making time, out of your daily busy routine, to talk to each other adds great value to a relationship. Not just this but even discussing problems and issues and coming out with solutions together, develops a relationship beyond levels. This also teaches the couple to always find workable solutions even in the most difficult situations.

4. Sense of Understanding and Respect For Each Other: Mutual respect and understanding is a prerequisite of a healthy relationship. Understanding and respecting each other’s personal space, family, profession, work/professional commitments, choices, decisions, etc is of utmost importance. Being dominating, controlling, overpowering, and demanding makes a relationship toxic leading to a partner to walk out the relationship or fall out of love. Thus understanding and respect for one another are one of the most important essentials for the long survival of a relationship.

5. Balance: A relationship must always be balanced.  Investment of efforts to build a relationship must happen from both ends. Sure, compromises are vital when it comes to handling your partner in difficult times, but making selfless sacrifices to an extent that leads to extreme unhappiness, dissatisfaction and depression turns out to damage the relationship.

6. Physical Love, Care and Affection: Everyone wants to be touched in a loving and affectionate manner. Right from small pecks for little things to intense intimate moments, that completes a relationship, contributes in making a relationship strong.

A genuine step towards the above mentioned essentials can drive your relationship to a long distance and reach at a destination that, you with all your heart, will love to call it ‘home’.


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