Enroute To A Career That Befits A Person

Career That Befits A Person
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There stands a need for a raw material to erect a concrete structure be it of any aspect – tangible or intangible. Tangible structures that comprise buildings demand recurrent raw stuff for robust construction on the other edge intangible structures that includes a solid conceptual understanding of any study also demand raw data to be refined into knowledge. A similar pattern is adhered to by the arena of career. Career is the implication of that framework which befits a person in it. This implication is throwing a direct arrow on the requisite of befitting a person in that frame. The career is parallel with the persona of a human being, the career that embraces a person inclusively. In a nutshell, a career that befits a person.

Masses mistakenly discern this concept of career. The pitfalls of a selection of career that befits a person cause obstructions for the students to decide what is apt and what is not apt for them. The road to a career is less paid heed by the public specifically by the family. They envision certain plans for their kids without fathoming out with the passions, interests, weaknesses, and strengths of their kids. All these constitute the factors in selecting a career. Passions are the driving forces that infuse a body and soul to step into a particular direction with efficacy. Interests are like the atoms in a body that draws the roads for a body and soul, while those roads generate positive vibrations as they are paired up with the interests. Weaknesses are that antagonist that pulls down a person from a specific field and causes a phobia. Lastly, strengths are that protagonists which embolden a person to hike in a specific field. The amalgamation of these factors yields a frame for a career that befits a person.

Speculating through the lenses of India we have found that in India there are multiple cases wherein youth is either coerced by the parents for a particular career or due to a paucity of guidance youth has deviated. This resulted in the devastation of a human resource or we can entitle it as calamity of human resource. Hammering in the first case is the imposition of a decision on a child- A career that befits a person as mentioned above is pulled by certain factors like passion, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. While the imposition of a career is an infringement of a human right to place these factors in mind. The repercussions of the imposition of a decision for a career is the eruption of mental peace. Impoverished mental health cannot yield viable outputs as the body and soul are deprived of the frame which is made for that.

Image Credits: Freepik

Students are very likely to fail in releasing desired results if the imposition of a career decision is unparalleled with the passion, interests, and strengths of a person. While hammering upon the second case that is the paucity of guidance- Just as we hunt for a fanfare venue for the parties, and recommendations for the apt outfits, we are similarly supposed to follow the array of a proper chalked-out chart while selecting a career. The chart must be replete with the interests, passions, weaknesses, and strengths of a person, the mentor and his recommendation are also pivotal things in this array of charts. The meticulous research of the distinct areas and their roles and responsibilities is another array. Undoubtedly, the consideration of parents’ decisions is a moral obligation but the hairline difference between advice and an imposition should be crystal clear.

To recapitulate, the framework of a career that befits a person is necessarily meeting with the factors and failing to meet with those factors cannot produce yields. The righteous route for a career is also ascertained with the consistent peeping of the inner self so that body and soul can remain updated about the inner self to lead a road of career accordingly. The myths are affixed with certain fields like – Art, Photography, Cooking, Archery, and Sports in which Indian youth have found an incredible interest. However, their lack of family back tones them down from making strides in those fields. This arose the need to debunk these myths of some specific career fields. India has seen the testimonies of the deviation of career that how students opt a specific stream and end up in a field of another stream. However, doing this is not sheerly fallacious but it disrupts the efficacy in a work that would have been there if a well-knitted plan would have been laid out. Viability at an individual level and at a collective level both is followed by the well-knitted plan of a career.


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