Enigma Excelsior 2019

R.A Podar College Fest Enigma Excelsior 2019
Image Credits: YouTube

R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics (Autonomous) presents its Annual Cultural Fest Enigma. Each year Enigma is particularly known for coming up with eccentric themes that bind the events altogether.

Team Enigma has taken a step up this year, by inculcating a blend of multiple factors, realities and dimensions. Enigma Excelsior, as the name suggests, reflects the vision and mission of the college.

Enigma 2019 attracts many colleges across Mumbai due to the themes amalgamation of futuristic ideas, engaging events and social awareness.

With over 60 performing events on all the four days of Enigma Excelsior, the participants’ talent, decision-making, team work and hard work would be put to a test. 

The fest not only benefits the participants but also proves profitable for the various companies associated with it each passing year. Over the past 20 years of Enigma, various brands and companies benefitted from the footfall of over 10000 visiting people on campus over the four days. Each person witnessing the fest has the opportunity to be in the presence of exhilarating showcases, performances and events with celebrities and judges from every industry.

Events such as War of DJ’s, Street Dance, Bollywood vocals, social skit are the highlight of our cultural events. Whereas events such as Treasure Hunt, Quizzes, Literature review challenge the intellect and intelligence of the participants. The Sports and Gaming events also engage many participants due to their up to date challenges. The pro nights held at the closing of each working day also allure many millennial and students into the current trending music and art.

Overall Enigma is a mix of cultural activities which are able to grab the attention of the youth and inspire them to put forth their best with regards to their talent and innovativeness. Along with this it also gives major importance to social awareness amongst the youth by conducting social activities.


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