Make Your Passion, Your Career

The Education Show

The Education Show witnessed inspiring stories by some of the most successful individuals that changed the way you think about your career !

Mumbai, July 2016: As Confucius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Banking on the same philosophy, ‘The Education Show’ was an amalgamation of information on modern career choices, inspirational talks, path defying workshops and overall an experience where the student is not educated, but is given knowledge on education & career options. For the unconventional summit, personalities from every walk of life were seen expressing the inspiration behind the success story to inspire the Gen-Y. Speakers at the summit included Malishka Mendonsa: Popularly known as RJ Malishka, Terrence Lewis, Sahil Khattar , Sapna Bhavnani, Atul Kasbekar, Anubhav Wadhwa (founder of Tyrelessly at the age of 16 year old is India’s first enterprise which encourages motorists to donate their used tyres for responsible recycling who spoke about ‘Innovation is simpliest game’), Sunil Yadav (BMC sweeper who secured the MPhil Degree from TISS, Mansukh Prajapati (Rural innovator in India known for his earthen clay based functional products like:Mitticool, Non Stick Clay Tawa, Low cost water filter) among others

Talking about the Education Show, RJ Malishka expressed “No two people are the same. Hence, it is absurd to think that a couple of traditional professions can satiate the professional thirst of millions of people. Today, there is no dearth of offbeat and unconventional careers to choose from, each offering its fair share of responsibilities, challenges and rewards in the form of creative satisfaction, flexibility, an opportunity to prove oneself. Students too are realising the same and I am extremely happy to have shared my journey with students seeking to make their passion, their career’’

Anubhav Wadhwa, who was witnessed at the Education Show to share his success story at the age of 16 said “I never wanted to be a typical teen, so rather than watching environment degradation, I tried to attempt preservation and Tyrelessly happened after I saw a couple of tyres on fire so today Tyrelessly picks up the tyres after their life is over, begins recycling to convert tyres into usuable by-products like fuels, oils, steel. I learned that burning tyres released a number of toxic gases into the air leading to an environmental hazard. So here I am, all excited to come and meet my fellow mates in Mumbai to share the ‘power of addressing a need’. He is also the founder and CEO of software firm, TechAPTO.

Also seen at the show was Arunachalam Muruganantham who is amongst 100 Most Influential People in the World to share his story of inventing a low-cost sanitary pad making machine only to realise that the company can compete with giants like Johnson & Johnson. After Murugananthan discovered his wife collecting filthy rags and newspapers to use during her menstrual cycle, as sanitary napkins made by multinational corporations were expensive. Troubled by this, he started designing experimental pads and today Jayshree Industries ,company founded by Arunachalam is praised for changing peoples lives in India. He was seen sharing with the students the ‘Power of unconventional career’ as well as ‘Power of creating a business by addressing a need’.  


The Education show gave the students access to-

  • Main Stage: Brainwave Arena where accomplished celebrities from a variety of fields will share their experiences to empower the new generation and make them believe in their dream by talking about a broader career outlook, share encounters, introduce them to new ideas, and all in all inspi re the young via an engaging session
  • Live wires: Performances and Workshops – There isn’t a better representation than actually showing how it is to be done. Two stages will be dedicated to imparting knowledge to the youth via live workshops, demonstrations, and displays to give the students a never before experience
  • The Guide: Career Counseling Sessions – At times just a talk is enough to find the path one desires. A complete counseling and guidance cell powered by Education Times will be setup to help students to make future course decision and gain knowledge in certain paths. The area will be designed to make students feel comfortable and have professional counselling about their career
  • Get informed: Education and Career Options Showcase – Information is a priority, but if not translated, it is as simple as falling to deaf ears. Sessions will be designed to communicate education options & unconventional careers for the students. The  communication will help parents and prospective students to be introduced to the possibilities their skills can help them achieve
  • Edu Fair: School, Institutes & Education Options Exhibition – Unlike the traditional setup, ‘The Education Show’ will have modern infrastructure with new-age designs, which have till date never been witnessed in education fairs. The setup will feature selected, yet profound educational Institutes, Colleges, Schools from all over the country. The segmentation and classification of the areas will help students navigate their way to their preferred career options
  • Video Wall: Education Showcase – At times visuals make a bigger impact than text. A video wall will be setup which will help brands showcase unique offerings, student achievements, experiences from schools, colleges and institutes from across the country. The wall will also help students understand the facilities and visualize their life at the campus


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