Nail Arts That Are Perfect For Every Occasion

Nail Arts

There are many different ways to add flair and fun to your look. Nail art can complement your outfit for a special occasion or add a unique touch to your personality every day. While very minute nail art is done by professionals, there are a number of designs you can create at home yourself.

From chunky glitter to chrome nails and ombre to unicorn and pastel colors. The author lists down types of nail arts you can create easily at home and which will be perfect for any party or special event.

All that glitters IS gold!

How about having the moon at your finger tips

Silver goes with everything!

A little gold never hurt anyone

Here’s one for all you minimalists out there

The fiery hues of this one are hard to ignore

White never disappoints 

Try and mix it up a bit-

Up your nail game with some gorgeous studs-

Ombre nails never go out of style

Holographic is the new trend!

A pop of color for the funky ones 

Who doesn’t love Rainbows

For all the goth fans

Zig Zag nails are the prettiest of all!

Which ones of these are you going to try?

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