One good noon, I got an idea while walking on the road. If implemented, the idea could solve the problems of millions of people. The idea of “homemade tiffin boxes delivered at your doorstep.” I immediately started to work on the prototype, which included creating an ecosystem for homemakers and our target audience, who were hostellers at that point in time.

We became accustomed to seeing start-up grow from zero to become unicorns. And I thought I could be the next one. However, as I progressed, I encountered numerous challenges, ranging from how to make the product market fit, solving business problems, marketing, and

raising funds in this red ocean of the food-tech industry. The sad part was that I gave up and had to close it after five months of operation. Many start-up founders have similar

stories in their early stages. Keeping these things in mind, SIMS Pune this year is organizing a 2-day E-summit for both start-up founders and future business managers.

This summit consists of 3 events: – 

  • Entrepreneur of the day: – February 16- Start-up strategy-making competition.
  • Aarohan: February 17– A start-up pitching and funding event.
  • Start-up Expo: Start-up exhibition and networking event.

Entrepreneur of the day: 16th Feb 2023

This event will help future managers of B schools to present their solutions to real-life business problems faced by businesses. 

Aarohan: 17th Feb 2023  

A complete ecosystem for a start-up right from Funding, social media reach, getting their business problems solved to getting incubated at SCEI (Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Pune.)

Start-up EXPO: 17th Feb 2023

A start -up exhibition event to help start-ups network with MBA students, investors, and other start-ups.

Many things can happen in a day, so come witness the event even if you are not participating. To know more, click here.


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