Aarambh 2020 – Run For A Social Cause

Aarambh 2020

Social Responsibility Forum (SRF) is a club of NMIMS University, which greatly believes in the holistic advancement of its students and society as a whole. SRF was established for uplifting the lives of those less privileged than oneself and arouse a sense of responsibility within our society.

It has been a wonderful journey of 10 years and SRF is proud to declare the 11th edition of its flagship event. AARAMBH, a social marathon calls for spirit, vivacity, and vibrancy among its participants. SRF has taken up grave issues ranging from women trafficking to drug abuse. Carrying forward its tradition as a youth-led organization striving for social good, this year it will be running for a cause that leaves a lasting impact on the lives of the victims and requires great public attention-“SEXUAL ASSAULT”. Any funds hereby collected will be given to partner NGO of SRF devoted to the cause.

Sexual assault is any type of sexual activity or contact that one does not consent to. It includes rape and sexual coercion. People at SRF stand against such heinous acts and aspire to make a move to combat this issue.

This year it has collaborated with Jan Sahas NGO which is committed to promote the development and to protect the rights of socially eliminated communities with the special focus on girls and women through eradication of all forms of bondage. Their main mission is to provide justice, decent livelihoods, education, food and nutrition security, mobilization and promoting the overall development of all women.

Aarambh will take place on the 9th of February, 2020 at 7:00 a.m. which starts at Taj Lands End. The participants will not only be benefiting the associated NGO but will also be getting an exhilarating experience of competing against enthusiastic like-minded people.

As members of SRF take bigger strides towards scaling up their event, they urge us to join them in this fight against sexual assault by reclaiming the streets. “Come, unite your voices against this atrocity and help us turn the streets into a safer space”-SRF.

To be a part of this virtuous initiative, contact:

Kartik Bindal (+91 9425958589)
Social Responsibility Forum,
NMIMS University

Aarambh 2020


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