Do Headphones Improve Concentration At Work?

Headphones Improve Concentration At Work
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Music and headphones have become a modern-day necessity. Be it when you are studying for your Master’s degree or are at home just lazing around – if there is one thing that is needed by us almost everywhere, are headphones.

Even while working at the office, headphones are a must! It is almost as if this little accessory has become a huge part of our new work culture. Many people say it helps them remain amused while working.

However, surprisingly enough, many others have said they use headphones to improve focus and concentration at work. Well, how can a thing like headphones that produces music help one to concentrate?! In fact, as per a recent study, 46% of employees claim that they use headphones to shut out colleagues so that they can concentrate on their work.

But the question still remains – do headphones really improve concentration at work? Let’s take a dig into this.

Music helps enhances focus

Whenever we are working, it goes without saying that we need to remain focused and fully-concentrated. Obviously, we do not want anything to mess with our train of thoughts. Especially, when you are into a profession like writing or data management, exceptional focus and peace of mind is needed. Just a little inconvenience is all it takes and all the springing ideas in our head become a speck of dust.

Now, most people belonging to such professions argue that they highly suggest against playing music, or even worse, using headphones, while working. They say it not only does with the focus but also distracts them. They tend to lose the entire plot if they happen to hear music while working. But then again, there are a few such individuals who claim that they cannot do without headphones at work.

While the ones belonging to creative professions like writing claim that it helps them in thinking more creatively, others say it helps them remain concentrated. Now, the reason why a group of people finds headphones annoying while working and a group of people is addicted to audio could be different.

But it might not be the same for everyone!

Many people are designed in such a way that they find it distracting when music is played in the background. In fact, there are multiple professions that demand so much focus that no matter how pleasant the music is, it does end up ruining the mood for work.

For instance, have you ever come across a government office, or say, a bank where you see the employees wearing headphones? Chances are, no. Why, you say? It is majorly dependent on the type of job and the work ethics. Banks do not allow their employees to wear headphones while working.

However, even if they did, most employees are sure to remain stuck with their old policy of ‘no headphones at work’. The reason being, the bank employees handle huge financial data and other sensitive information.

They have to take all the possible measures and care while performing the duty. On top of it, the workload is so much that headphones and music just add to the headache. But, in other cases, headphones and music are a part of work.

New-age startups are employing modern methods to boost productivity

Like, if you enter the premises of a new-age start-up, the work environment there is completely different. You may even feel like people are not working there, but rather having fun. It depends on the work ethics too. Modern-day start-ups ensure employee satisfaction. If the employee is doing the job perfectly with the headphones on, they are not really bothered about it.

Another main factor is the type of music which they are listening to. Classical and peaceful music always helps the person in concentrating better, various research has claimed that. If you resort to listening to rock music or hard metal while working, you will be distracted, no matter what.

Over to you…

Many people have claimed that wearing headphones at work disturbs their concentration. However, this is not so correct to an extent. If you listen to the right type of music, headphones not only improve concentration but also keep you afresh at work.

There are various noise cancellation headphones available in the market which are specially designed to obstruct outside noise and help you focus better, especially at the workplace. In a nutshell, it can be said that headphones improve concentration at work.


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