From the Desk of ADOREA Team

The exuberant students of the BMS department of Wilson College will organise their annual festival – ADOREA on 13th, 14th, 15th Of January 2018. Freaks & Geeks being the theme this year, the students will successfully create
Sarcastic, hilarious, stoned,
Spectacular, grand and Mesmerizing effects…..
When In Wilson do like the Adoreans do!
Rock & Roll!  ADOREA 2018!
ADOREA 2018 begins with a bang on the 13th Of Jan with the launch of its very first edition of the fest Website: ‘Victory Pulse’.
Over 35 colleges will be an active part of ADOREA this year.
The management events will include Grandpa’s Treasure, a treasure hunt across South Mumbai to unlock a hidden treasure!
The sports events are always a crowd puller to ADOREA each year. The team handling sports events are faced with the daunting task of managing the abundant participants that register for the events, every year they were triumph in living up to the challenge. Main events being Band Event, Fashion Show, Campus Princess, Football and many more.
The cultural event which is the main appeal of ADOREA creates benchmark every year. With many prominent celebrities in attendance, the prominent events include Arbaaz Khan, Shahid Mallya etc.
The other events include Fine Arts events, Debate, Beg Borrow Steal, Crime Scene Investigation etc.
ADOREA 2018 will certainly take another step on its climb of stardom, another year, another milestone.


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